Salus Debuts Innovative ZK Application Solutions on EVM

Salus has announced the expansion of its technological offerings, introducing extensive Zero-Knowledge (ZK) solutions tailored for the Ethereum ecosystem. This innovation enables the application of privacy-enhancing ZK technology at the app level, going beyond the conventional blockchain layer. 

Development teams can now leverage Salus’ solution to develop ZK dApps on any Solidity-supporting chain, eliminating the need for migration as these apps remain on Ethereum while incorporating ZK functionalities.

Salus: Web3 Security and Expertise

Salus is a Web3 security company with substantial experience in both traditional and blockchain security. Their expertise spans smart contract auditing, Web3 penetration testing, and the Lightning Cat tool for quick smart contract detection. But Salus aims to offer more than just security services. Their method of implementing ZK technology includes a complete range of solution consulting. 

The Salus team, known for their expertise in ZK Circuit Design, smart contract architecture, dApp development, and ZK development, will provide guidance and support to teams already experienced in ZK technology with insights and further knowledge.

Bridging Ethereum and ZK Circuits

Salus’ ZK solutions are customizable, bridging the gap between Ethereum/EVM and ZK circuits. This enhances existing EVM projects with Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) solutions, aids early-stage dApps in ZK integration, streamlines ZK development processes, and ensures a smooth technology transition for development teams. Salus’ support distinguishes its offering in a market where other chains also provide ZK solutions.

Mirror Tang, co-founder and Chief Scientist at Salus, believes that “DApp+ZK” is the future of Web3, stating that “Salus aims to enhance innovation efficiency in the Web3 industry around ZK functionality, reduce innovation costs, and drive the development of the industry through its technological expertise.”

Impact and Potential of ZK Technology in Web3

The privacy features of ZKP can significantly boost a project’s security. These features are essential for the Web3 environment, enabling a wide range of applications where confidentiality is crucial. For instance, various transactions, financial instruments, and auction mechanisms rely on assured privacy. Salus is committed to this aspect of security, with their mission being to ‘Redefining the boundaries of Web3 security.’

Furthermore, ZK technology is an important innovation for blockchain, especially in the emerging Web3 ecosystem. It offers significant benefits for DeFi, trustless contracts, and customer verification. While blockchain’s data immutability is advantageous, it can pose challenges for use cases requiring privacy, such as authenticating sensitive data while keeping it private. ZK technology provides a solution by offering privacy without compromising blockchain’s immutable nature. 

Salus’ implementation of ZK for Ethereum could contribute significantly to the evolution and expansion of the entire Web3 ecosystem. This development aligns with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s ecosystem transition triangle, emphasizing the importance of privacy, L2 scaling, and smart contract wallets for Web3’s growth.


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