Nyan Heroes Unveils Play-to-Airdrop as Part of Early Access Launch

Nyan Heroes, the highly anticipated Solana-based shooter game featuring cats in mech suits, has announced an exciting play-to-airdrop campaign tied to its upcoming early access release in February. 

The game, developed by 9 Lives Interactive, will be available as a free-to-play PC game during this period, giving players the chance to earn NYN, the game’s native ecosystem token, through various activities.

Early Access Playtest and Airdrop Rewards

Players who participate in the early access playtests of Nyan Heroes will have the opportunity to earn NYN tokens through a planned airdrop campaign. 

In addition, owners of Nyan Heroes NFTs will receive extra airdrop rewards. This provides players with an added incentive to join the early access release and contribute to the growth of the game’s ecosystem.

NYN carries a dual role as an ecosystem token, designed to accrue value through various means such as marketplace fees, mint fees, and studio revenue buybacks. With a fixed supply and plans for regular token buybacks, NYN is set to be deflationary, making it an attractive asset for players and investors alike.

Security Breach on Discord

Unfortunately, as the game’s popularity grew, so did the risk of security breaches. Recently, a hacker managed to spread malicious links on Nyan Heroes’ Discord server, posing a threat to users’ NFTs and other digital assets. 

In response, 9 Lives Interactive has committed to compensating affected users for their lost Nyan Heroes NFTs, pending verification of previous ownership. This shows the team’s dedication to ensuring a safe and secure gaming experience for all players.

Nyan Heroes founder Max Fu revealed that the attack was likely premeditated, coinciding with significant upcoming developments in the game’s roadmap. This further highlights the importance of maintaining strong security measures in the fast-growing world of blockchain gaming

Fu also assured players that the team, along with an external security auditor, had thoroughly reviewed and confirmed that the breach was confined to Discord and did not affect any studio data.

Play-to-Airdrop Campaign Running Until March

The play-to-airdrop campaign for Nyan Heroes is scheduled to run until March, encompassing the early access playtests and other associated activities. This gives players a limited time to join in and earn NYN tokens, as well as experience the game before its official release. With Nyan Heroes’ unique concept, exciting gameplay, and potential for earnings through its token ecosystem, it is no surprise that many are eagerly awaiting its launch.


Nyan Heroes is not just a game; it is a dynamic ecosystem that offers players the opportunity to be part of something bigger. With its upcoming play-to-airdrop campaign and planned developments, this Solana-based shooter game is sure to make waves in the gaming world and attract cat lovers and gamers alike. 


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