Nyan Heroes: Epic Games Store’s Newest Web3 Battle Royale

The Nyan Heroes team has announced their upcoming PC battle royale shooter, set to release on the Epic Games Store. While the official release date is yet to be revealed, a “coming soon” page has already generated excitement among gaming enthusiasts.

Nyan Heroes joins the ranks of renowned battle royale shooters like Fortnite and other Web3 games like Gods Unchained. The battle royale genre is known for its large-scale maps and survival gameplay, where players compete to be the last standing in shrinking play areas. Nyan Heroes has a distinct theme, featuring feline heroes controlling powerful mech suits in high-stakes combat scenarios.

Nyan Heroes: Expanding Community Reach with Epic Games Store

By securing a listing on the Epic Games Store, Nyan Heroes aims to expand its community reach. The store’s wishlist feature can boost visibility and propel the game to the forefront as more users express interest.

The game’s store page provides insights into Nekovia and its world and outlines its core gameplay elements. Nyan Heroes will initially enter an early access phase, with specific system requirements yet to be disclosed.

Nyan Heroes: Exploring the World of Nekovia

The game presents cute, retro-style 3D cyberpunk characters. The characters also serve as NFTs, integral to the game’s economy. Developed using the Unity engine, the game features crisp 3D graphics, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world, Nyan Heroes showcases cats engaged in intense warfare. Players can trade accessories, skins, and weapons for their Nyan heroes and Guardian Robots as NFTs, adding a strategic element to character upgrades and increasing their value in the game’s marketplace.

Nyan Heroes introduces an intriguing tokenomics system where owning more Nyans strengthens players in the game. Players can earn $NYN (Nyan) tokens through battles and campaigns or purchase them directly. The game’s economy operates on $CTNP (Catnip) tokens, enabling players to acquire new weapons, upgrade equipment, and buy virtual land plots. Leveraging the Solana blockchain, the game aims to ensure a stable in-game currency environment.

Nyan Heroes uses blockchain technology to facilitate in-game transactions and trading. Players can use $NYN and $CTNP tokens, based on the Solana blockchain, for various in-game activities like purchasing weapons, upgrading equipment, or acquiring virtual land plots. This adds a strategic economic layer to the game.

By launching on the Epic Games Store, Nyan Heroes aims to reach a broader audience. The platform’s extensive user base and popularity, especially among battle royale genre fans, provide an ideal avenue for Nyan Heroes to increase its visibility and player engagement.

Nyan Heroes introduces a unique twist to the battle royale genre, where players control feline characters piloting mech suits. Set in a vivid 3D cyberpunk world, it blends intense combat with a unique aesthetic. The game’s standout feature is the integration of NFTs, enabling players to trade game items and enhance their gameplay experience.

While an exact release date is yet to be announced, Nyan Heroes is set to debut on the Epic Games Store soon. Gamers can currently find a “coming soon” page on the store, which allows them to wishlist the game for future updates.


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