Explore the World Virtually: MeetKai & Tripadvisor’s Metaverse Venture

MeetKai, a metaverse and conversational AI leader, has announced a partnership with Tripadvisor, one of the world’s largest travel guidance platforms. This collaboration aims to enable travel enthusiasts to explore destinations worldwide remotely through immersive metaverse experiences. MeetKai has also unveiled its upcoming slate of metaverse launches and advancements in its Generative AI platform, resulting from five years of research and development.

Tripadvisor: Tourism through Virtual Reality

Tripadvisor’s partnership with MeetKai and marks a towards virtual tourism, aiming to bring global travel experiences to users’ homes via mobile or desktop devices. The metaverse project, scheduled to launch later this year, is set to include interactive experiences that mimic real-life travel. Tripadvisor plans to create digital versions of popular tourist spots through collaboration with travel bureaus and companies. The project could see travellers exploring new places in VR before they book their trips for real.

In Rome, imagine virtual replicas of the Colosseum or the winding streets of Trastevere, offering travellers insights into potential tours they could experience. Or envision digital recreations of quaint cafes and bustling markets, capturing the essence of the city’s renowned culinary and shopping scenes. While not a substitute for the real thing, it could give users a flavour of what to expect when they visit famous locations.

As of 2022, Tripadvisor, a leading travel and tourism website, has amassed around one billion user reviews and ratings, encompassing a wide array of listings, including hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals, and attractions.

Digital Twins Revolutionizing Virtual Experiences

The use of digital twins, which are exact digital replicas of physical entities updated in real-time with integrated data, is central to these virtual experiences. Beyond tourism, digital twins have broader applications, including urban planning and public service enhancement. Seoul, South Korea, for instance, is developing a metaverse platform that utilizes digital twins to improve public services such as transportation and emergency reporting.

NBPA’s Metaverse: Player Endorsements and Virtual Meets

MeetKai showcased its latest virtual experiences at CES 2024, offering attendees immersive walkthroughs using VR headsets and browser-based devices. These demonstrations highlighted MeetKai’s newly released generative AI technology to address practical business needs and enhance user engagement in digital spaces.

Also announced, THINK450, the partner and innovation engine of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), is partnering with MeetKai to develop an immersive virtual retail experience in the metaverse. Utilizing MeetKai’s AI-enabled, digital twin technology, a digital replica of “The Brotherhood Deli,” an in-person fan pop-up shop by the NBPA, will be created. 

The virtual shop will feature player-endorsed brands, limited-edition merchandise, virtual meet-and-greets with players, content lounges, gamified contests, and more. This metaverse world will be previewed by MeetKai later this winter, offering a never-before-seen teaser of the upcoming experience.

MeetKai’s journey since last year’s CES, including the introduction of MeetKai Reality and collaborations with key players like Sony Pictures and the Charlotte Hornets, has catapulted its AI and metaverse technologies to the forefront


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