Oasys Gaming Dapps Debut on DappRadar

DappRadar has broadened its scope by incorporating games and decentralized applications from the Oasys blockchain into its listings. This development enables users to list, monitor, and explore a diverse range of dapps within the Oasys ecosystem, greatly improving their exposure within the blockchain community. Since its inception in 2018, DappRadar has provided insights into decentralized applications (dapps), quickly establishing itself as a reliable source in the industry.

Navigating Oasys on DappRadar

Visitors to DappRadar can now explore Oasys dapps through the platform’s Rankings feature and gain deeper insights into individual games and applications via project pages. This new integration provides a platform for users to engage with new games and dapps, offering Web3 metrics and an accessible entry point for newcomers to the Oasys chain.

Daiki Moriyama, Director at Oasys, commented on the news, saying, “We are thrilled to have our games and dApps listed on DappRadar, the most popular dApp discovery platform in the world,” Moriyama remarked. “By leveraging DappRadar’s extensive reach and user-friendly interface, we are confident that more gamers and blockchain enthusiasts will discover and engage with the unique experiences we offer.”

Diverse Gaming Portfolio on Oasys

The Oasys ecosystem hosts a wide array of gaming projects, all integrated into DappRadar’s rankings. Users can discover games like OasChoice, a popular quiz game, Chain Colosseum Phoenix, an RPG with integrated Game-Fi elements, and Chain Arena, an Idle-RPG crossover. Innovative applications such as GOGA, a web3 education protocol, and SingSing, a karaoke app, also stand out, showcasing the versatility of the Oasys platform.

Furthermore, these five games have secured positions in the Top 30 of the Games category’s seven-day ranking as of January 11, with these Rankings being organized based on unique active wallet (UAW) counts. Leading the way are Chain Colosseum Phoenix and OasChoice, which are already achieving rankings in the top 10.

Oasys: A Hub and Verse for Gaming Innovation

Oasys is a blockchain tailored for gaming with the goal of setting a new standard in Web3 gaming by ensuring gamers experience real value. Highlighting this goal, they have partnerships with gaming leaders such as Com2uS, SEGA, Nexon, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Netmarble. 

The EVM-compatible chain operates on a dual-layer system, consisting of the Hub Layer for network stability and scalability and the Verse Layer, designed for customization and flexibility. This technical structure is crucial for creating and operating diverse dapps, allowing for tailored project environments. For now, DappRadar will be tracking seven of these game-filled Verse Layers. 

For developers in the Oasys ecosystem, there’s an added benefit: they can submit their ongoing and future dapp projects to DappRadar at no cost, tapping into its vast distribution network and expanding its user audience. 

The inclusion of Oasys dapps on DappRadar is a major step in promoting the diverse environment of the Oasys blockchain. With this new integration, Oasys is set to become a more prominent player in the global blockchain gaming sector.


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