Universal Page Launches NFT Marketplace on LUKSO

Universal Page has recently launched its NFT platform, aiming to revolutionize the blockchain experience and make digital collectibles more accessible. Co-founded by Jake Prins and Vlad Lykhonis, former employees of Meta and Amazon, Universal Page is the first NFT platform on LUKSO, a new L1 blockchain created by Ethereum pioneer Fabian Vogelsteller.

Gasless Marketplace: Simplifying Transactions

One of the key features of Universal Page is its ‘gasless’ marketplace, which removes the burden of gas fees from users. This is enabled through the support of Universal Profiles serving as blockchain accounts fully controlled by users. They function as public profiles for interacting with decentralized applications and allow users to store digital assets like NFTs and tokens. 

The platform’s primary mission is to democratize digital ownership, and eliminating gas fees is a crucial step towards this goal. Also, users can also control a Universal Profile using an email and password, improving the Web3 onboarding process.

NFT 2.0 Standards: Enhanced Features and Flexibility

Universal Page supports the innovative NFT 2.0 standards (LSP7 and LSP8), offering more dynamic and flexible NFTs with on-chain data storage. 

Co-founded by Fabian Vogelsteller, creator of the ERC-20 standard, LUKSO has launched NFT 2.0 standards LSP7 and LSP8. Consequently, these standards aim to enrich the NFT experience by enabling dynamic updates to on-chain metadata and establishing links between NFTs and creators’ Universal Profiles. This development is intended to enhance the adaptability and verification of NFTs, potentially leading to a more evolved and authentic form of digital asset ownership.

A unique aspect of Universal Page is the ability for users to create and customize web pages tied to their Universal Profile. Additionally, these pages can be fully personalized and transformed into personal NFT storefronts, with the domains minted as NFTs, ensuring complete ownership.

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The Launch and Collaboration

As the first marketplace on the LUKSO blockchain, co-founded by Fabian Vogelsteller and Marjorie Hernandez, Universal Page marks a new moment in digital innovation and creative expression. Universal Page plans to feature high-profile NFT drops from renowned creators like Karl Lagerfeld, RTFKT, and Teflon Sega in collaboration with The Dematerialised, indicating a new era of digital collectibles on the platform.

Moreover, the platform’s innovative features, such as the ‘gasless’ marketplace and support for NFT 2.0 standards, aim to make digital collectibles more accessible and customizable. Co-founded by industry veterans and backed by the LUKSO blockchain, Universal Page is poised to democratize digital ownership and usher in a new era of creative expression.

Yes, users can create and customize web pages linked to their Universal Profile, turning them into personal NFT storefronts with complete ownership of the domain as an NFT.

The platform supports NFT 2.0 standards (LSP7 and LSP8), providing dynamic and flexible NFTs with on-chain data storage, advanced features, and the ability to verify asset authenticity.

Universal Page plans to feature exclusive NFT drops from prominent creators and is compatible only with NFT 2.0, indicating a new era of digital collectibles on its platform.

Universal Page, co-founded by Jake Prins and Vlad Lykhonis, is an NFT platform on the LUKSO blockchain aiming to make digital collectibles more accessible and democratize digital ownership.


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