XRP Ledger Experiences Surge in Transactions Thanks to XRP Script

The XRP Ledger (XRPL) has witnessed a significant increase in daily transactions. This surge resulted in a new record of approximately 4.11 million transactions in a day, surpassing the previous record set in November 2021.

The increase in transactions can be largely attributed to the XRP Script, a new NFT minting project on the XRPL. This project has sparked controversy due to its unique approach to creating NFTs.

Rise in User Activity

Alongside the transaction surge, there was a 168% increase in unique sender addresses on the XRP Ledger, indicating a significant rise in user activity. This suggests that the XRP Script project has garnered attention and interest from users on the XRPL.

Payments between accounts on the XRPL also reached a multi-year high, with the total number of transfers hitting 3.2 million. This further demonstrates the increased usage and adoption of the XRP Ledger.

All About XRP Script

XRP Script allows users to embed data in small transaction amounts, known as “drops” of XRP, to create unique digital artifacts called “XRP20s.” This process is similar to how Bitcoin Ordinals supports text inscriptions on satoshis. By utilizing this feature of the XRPL, the XRP Script project offers a new way for users to create and trade NFTs.

The surge in NFT minting activity on XRPL, akin to NFT trends seen on other networks like Ethereum, has sparked ongoing debate about the utility of the XRP Script project. Critics have raised concerns about the value of these NFTs, suggesting that many could be considered spam and congest the XRPL.

The long-term impact and sustainability of the XRP20 minting drive remain uncertain. While some see it as a significant new application for the XRPL, others see it as just a temporary hype exploiting the ledger’s inscription capabilities for creating items of questionable inherent value. 

Only time will tell if the XRP Script project will stand out among existing NFT platforms. In the meantime, it continues to drive a surge in transactions on the XRPL.


The increase in activity on the XRP Ledger is exciting for both users and developers. The record-breaking number of transactions and rise in user activity demonstrate growth and potential for the XRPL. While there are debates and uncertainties surrounding the XRP Script project, it has undeniably contributed to this surge in transactions. 

As the XRPL continues to evolve and expand its capabilities, it will be interesting to see how projects like XRP Script shape the future of the ledger. Overall, this surge in transactions is a testament to the continued innovation and growth within the XRP community.


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