Veyond Metaverse’s Meta Quest 3 Fusion: A New Era in Digital Surgery

Veyond Metaverse, an emerging player in AI XR healthcare, has introduced 5D Digital Surgery, advancing the field . Their recent successful integration of Meta Quest 3 into their XR (Extended Reality) 5D Digital Surgery platform marks a significant milestone in surgical technologies. This collaboration enhances accessibility and affordability, enhancing surgical procedures and highlighting progress in Metaverse Healthcare.

Enhancing Surgery with XR 5D and Meta Quest 3

XR 5D Digital Surgery combines real and virtual environments for immersive and precise surgical procedures. Powered by AI, this platform opens up new possibilities in healthcare. The Meta Quest 3, renowned for its high-resolution display and advanced cameras, integrates into the platform. Dr Thierry Flam, a skilled surgeon in Paris, conducted successful tests with the Meta Quest 3, highlighting its benefits, such as easy mode switching and clear audio without needing earplugs.

Dr Flam’s tests also revealed the headset’s potential to enhance surgical collaboration and training through AI-powered real-time translation features. This integration and testing signify a significant advancement in digital healthcare technology.

Expanding Access and Pioneering Future Healthcare Solutions

Veyond Metaverse remains committed to democratizing healthcare. Their notable achievements include conducting the first successful XR digital surgery over 8,500 kilometres and establishing XR Digital Surgery training centres in collaboration with RapiDiagnostics S.A. These centers aim to overcome barriers in healthcare by focusing on advanced surgical training and telemedicine.

Following the successful tests, Meta Quest 3 will undergo further evaluations, with a specific emphasis on its see-through capability. Once these tests are completed successfully, the headset will be deployed in a live XR 5D Digital Surgery scenario at Shwe La Min Hospital’s XR Operating Room Center.

Veyond Metaverse’s dedication to innovation and accessibility in healthcare is evident in their continuous efforts to develop and integrate advanced XR and AI technologies like the Meta Quest 3. Their ultimate goal is to transform healthcare delivery globally.

Combining virtual environments with traditional healthcare practices, Metaverse Healthcare could offer enhanced patient engagement, wider access to care, and more adaptable service delivery while being cost-effective.


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