Cardano Foundation and Petrobras Unite for Blockchain Education Initiative

The Cardano Foundation has partnered with Petrobras, Brazil’s state-owned energy company, to launch a new blockchain education program. This initiative aims to broaden the understanding and use of blockchain technologies within Petrobras. The program will include workshops for Petrobras employees, utilizing content from the Cardano Academy and delivered through Petrobras University. The curriculum will cover blockchain’s potential and diverse applications, enriched with interactive quizzes, games and NFTs.

Blockchain Literacy and Evolving NFTs

Two initial workshops were conducted in the Metaverse, focusing on regulatory aspects of blockchain in both global and Brazilian contexts. The Cardano Academy, developed by the Cardano Foundation, provides a solid foundation for these educational efforts. Petrobras will adapt this content for its internal training programs, accessible to over 40,000 employees. Participants will receive a certificate after completing the course, and the first 500 will also get a unique NFT, evolving with their progress in the training.

Future Prospects and Collaborative Goals

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, highlighted the importance of blockchain education across different sectors. He said, “Our partnership with Petrobras—a Fortune 500 company…highlights both the appetite for blockchain education and the growing reach of the Cardano Foundation and its mission.”

Petrobras also expressed optimism about the partnership, seeing it as a crucial step in integrating blockchain technology within the energy sector and emphasizing the central role of education in this innovative partnership.

The collaboration aims to further blockchain understanding through employee education and explore new blockchain applications in the energy sector. This partnership is an example of integrating blockchain technology into various industry sectors, paving the way for future advancements and innovations.


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