Solana Saga Phone Sales Soar with 30 Million BONK Token Airdrop

The Solana Mobile Saga phone, launched earlier this year, has recently experienced an unexpected surge in sales owing to a unique arbitrage opportunity in the crypto world. Buyers of the Saga phone were entitled to a 30 million BONK token airdrop with each device. With the recent spike in BONK’s price, these tokens are now valued at an impressive $877, surpassing the phone’s price of $599.

Surge in Sales Due to BONK Airdrop

This surge in value has created a rush among crypto enthusiasts, leading to a 10-fold increase in Solana phone sales over the past two days. The unexpected rise in the value of the BONK tokens, now exceeding the cost of the mobile phone itself, has drawn significant interest from the crypto community.

In a post, Raj Gokal, Solana’s core developer and co-founder, shared that Saga’s sales have skyrocketed, predicting the phone will sell out before the new year. This sudden rush is largely attributed to what the crypto community terms “degens” – those who are keen to take risks and capitalize on quick gains.

Source Solana Mobile

The Solana Mobile Phone

The crypto world changes fast, as the situation for the Solana-supported Saga phone dramatically changed within just a week. After debuting less than a year and a half ago, the project was undergoing internal review due to disappointing sales. 

The Solana Mobile Phone, Saga, features a 6.67-inch OLED display and is equipped with 512GB of storage and 12GB of RAM. These specifications indicate its capacity for storage and memory within the smartphone market.

The Saga operates on Android 13 and is integrated with the Solana blockchain, facilitating access to decentralized applications and services. The phone includes a feature called Seed Vault, designed to secure users’ private keys. Additionally, the phone is developed with a focus on user interface design, aiming to cater to a range of users, including those new to Web3 technologies.

Previous attempts by major brands like Samsung, HTC, and smaller companies to launch crypto phones have generally yet to be successful. The current trend towards software-driven Web3 phones further casts doubt on the necessity of Solana’s hardware-centric strategy for the Saga.


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