Get Blue-Chip NFTs in BetFury NFT Lootboxes

BetFury has presented a new release – NFT Lootboxes. This is the first product in the NFT ecosystem of the platform. Lootboxes contain rare NFTs and many other profitable rewards. Become the first lucky gambler and win art masterpieces for a few dollars!

Win Rare NFT on BetFury

What are NFT Lootboxes?

Lootboxes are a well-known feature for receiving random rewards specified in the list. They gained popularity thanks to video games but gradually penetrated the crypto industry. NFT Lootboxes differ from their predecessors only in the main reward. In-game cosmetics or weapons have been replaced with crypto art that can cost a fortune!

BetFury picked up this idea and created a high-quality product. Platform NFT Lootboxes look simple and beneficial because they have over 90% chance of winning any profitable prize. Let’s note that this is just the beginning of BetFury’s journey in the NFT ecosystem. Thus, all crypto enthusiasts and art lovers should prepare for other revolutionary ideas and attractive novelties from the BetFury team.

BetFury NFT Lootboxes Rewards

There are different Lootboxes with different chances of dropping NFTs. Each of them has other rewards that are quite profitable:

  • Free Spins for Slots, Original, Table, and Live games;
  • Free Bets for Sports Betting;
  • BFG (BetFury native token).

Standard NFT Lootboxes consist of guaranteed prizes, while cooler ones have a sector without a reward. Anyway, even this sector appears only with a 1% probability. Therefore, the chances of being left without a prize are minimal. Besides, If you want to check out Lootboxes before the real money spins – try a demo spin!

Epic Win: NFT Worth $76,545

BetFury user has recently won Bored Ape Yacht Club #5663. The chance of success was 0.77%, but it didn’t stop this lucky guy. The $1,657 spin brought him the NFT worth $76,545.This case proves that NFT Lootboxes convey real profit and help users achieve success.

Why Can NFT Lootboxes Provide Success?

The best Lootboxes rewards are some of the rarest NFTs on the market. It creates an exclusive opportunity to get such an expensive and valuable item while spending a few dollars. It’s a headline of every popular success story from the crypto world, isn’t it? Moreover, all NFT fans should know the blue-chip collections offered in Lootboxes by BetFury. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Wrapped Cryptopunks;
  • BoredApeYachtClub;
  • Azuki Originals; 
  • MutantApeYachtClub;
  • PudgyPenguins;
  • DeGods and many more!

BetFury offers various NFT Loot Boxes with rewards for any status and wallet. So, users interested in the rarest NFTs and other luxury rewards can choose special Lootboxes for thousands of dollars.

About BetFury

BetFury is an ecosystem of crypto products for entertainment and additional income. The platform has a native BFG token with many utilities. BFG is listed on many crypto exchanges: PancakeSwap, Biswap, etc. The token has over 55,000 holders, and more than 3 billion BFG are in circulation. The most profitable utility for using tokens is BetFury Staking, with the ability to daily withdraw Staking payouts.

BetFury offers over 8,000 Slots and Original games with one of the highest RTP in the industry (up to 99.02% RTP). BetFury also has 80+ kinds of Sports with odds better than the market average. Along with huge events, the platform provides profitable bonuses: Rakeback, Cashback up to 25%, etc.


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