Meta-Stadiums and MeetKai Partner for ‘Premier Soccer Universe’

Meta-Stadiums, a platform bridging entertainment, gaming metaverse, and NFTs, has collaborated with AI-metaverse company MeetKai to create a ‘premier soccer universe’. Teaming up with a FIFA Licensed Match Agent, Meta-Stadium is set to bring a new level of excitement to soccer fans by creating a virtual space to watch games featuring select, as yet unnamed professional clubs and FIFA teams.

Meta-Stadium’s Enhanced Viewing Experience

The alliance capitalizes on MeetKai’s metaverse interface, enabling fans to experience a virtual, lifelike stadium district as 3D avatars. Whether using VR headsets, mobile devices, or desktop web browsers, Meta-Stadium hopes to provide a global hub where fans can watch matches, shop, partake in games, and navigate the stadium from the comfort of their homes.

Source Meta-Stadium

Meta-Stadium aims to alter the typical approach to spectating soccer by offering fans the chance to view live virtual matches featuring 137 leading FIFA teams in various virtual seating, ranging from press boxes to plush VIP sky boxes. Besides the live games, which number over 150, the platform aims to satisfy every soccer fan’s appetite by granting access to an archive of more than 5,000 matches.

Trending Towards Futuristic Fan Interaction

Intending to extend interactive features, Meta-Stadium will tap into MeetKai’s AI capabilities. The features allow fans to purchase virtual merchandise—with physical delivery to their homes. Moreover, introducing gamification aspects and contests adds another level of entertainment to the experience.

Weili Dai, Executive Chairwoman and Co-Founder of MeetKai, emphasized the significance of their latest venture with Meta-Stadiums Corp, stating, “At MeetKai, we are at the forefront of AI and metaverse technology, and joining forces with entertainment pioneer Meta-Stadiums Corp to create the first-ever soccer Meta-Stadium is a remarkable step towards the evolution of sports entertainment in the digital age.” Dai further expressed excitement about the project’s global reach: “We’re thrilled to invite soccer fans all over the world to experience the first FIFA soccer experience of the MeetKai Metaverse, all from their browsers.”

Furthermore, another platform element will be NFT integration, allowing fans to collect digital souvenirs related to each game. Striving to offer flexible access pathways, Meta-Stadium provides users the freedom to enter the stadium as guests. Alternatively, they can jump deeper into the immersive experience through a subscription model.

Watching live matches in varied virtual settings and engaging within a virtual world showcases the potential of the metaverse in sports. Furthermore, it provides a glimpse into how future sporting events might look, making them more accessible and interactive. Therefore, this shift in sports entertainment, driven by advancements in AI and metaverse technology, could change how global audiences connect with their favourite sports in the coming years.


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