Introduction to Bioniq: The New Bitcoin-based NFT Marketplace

Toniq Labs has introduced Bioniq, a new Bitcoin-based NFT marketplace on the Internet Computer (ICP) platform, touting its speed and ease of use for Ordinals trading. The platform’s unique selling point is its adoption of Web3Auth. This security protocol enables users to manage their non-custodial private keys and log into crypto wallets using email addresses.

Bioniq aims to offer a user-friendly experience by integrating a built-in wallet that comes with smart wallet features. This allows users to buy and sell NFTs on Bitcoin with simplicity and convenience. The platform’s performance is further enhanced by leveraging the Internet Computer’s native Bitcoin integration, making activities like selling, trading, or transferring Bitcoin-based Ordinals and Inscriptions faster and more cost-effective.

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Built on Internet Computer: The Potential for Rapid Transactions and Reduced Fees

Supported by Polychain Capital and scheduled to launch officially on Wednesday, Bioniq operates on the Internet Computer (ICP), a layer-1 blockchain developed by Dfinity. With its integration with Bitcoin, the Internet Computer essentially functions as a layer-2 scaling network for Bioniq. The platform claims several advantages over other Ordinals marketplaces, including being the “world’s fastest” Ordinals marketplace. It also offers a built-in wallet with an optional Google login through Web3Auth.

To use Bioniq, Bitcoin enthusiasts can move their Bitcoin and Ordinals assets into the marketplace’s wallet through a token wrapping process on Internet Computer. They then send the Ordinals asset to a designated Bitcoin wallet address for secure storage, after which a corresponding NFT is created on the Internet Computer network.

Bioniq’s integration with ICP’s native Bitcoin capabilities enables smart contract functionality for Bitcoin. This means users can trade their assets within the ICP ecosystem without relying on “Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions” (PSBTs). Bioniq promises rapid transaction speeds for traders, with transactions taking less than two seconds, combined with the additional benefit of zero network fees.

What are Bitcoin Ordinals?

On the Bitcoin blockchain, satoshis, the smallest units, are used to create a unique digital asset similar to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through Bitcoin Ordinals. Each satoshi is numbered based on its mining sequence, known as an ordinal. This numbering system aids in tracking each satoshi’s movement and ownership. Users can add data, such as images or text, to these ordinals – a process known as inscribing, enabling the creation of unique NFT-like assets on Bitcoin’s secure blockchain.


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