Bored Apes’ Metaverse Band KINGSHIP Brings Music to Roblox

Roblox players can now experience KINGSHIP, a unique metaverse supergroup formed by Bored-and-Mutant Ape NFTs, managed under the 10:22PM label, a Web3 division of Universal Music Group. The group has announced the launch of KINGSHIP Islands, an engaging Roblox experience where players embark on a quest and get the opportunity to unlock free in-game items and avatar emotes.

A Quest in the KINGSHIP Islands

KINGSHIP Islands aims to unite the four band members in a destination named the “Floating Villa.” Players can earn reward accessories and emotes for their avatars by completing the quest. For those authorized, customized animated heads and bodies using Roblox’s facial animation technology are also available for purchase.

As the KINGSHIP Islands experience evolves, it will showcase new music created by Hit-Boy and James Fauntleroy, the group’s “sonic creative team.” The duo, acting as co-executive producers, oversee the band’s musical development. The experience is free for all Roblox users, though completing various quests is required to access the Floating Villa. 

According to the announcement, those with the Kingship Key Card, an Ethereum-based NFT pass, will enjoy privileged access to unique band content and experiences, including special Roblox badges and entry to the Floating Villa.

These Key Cards, which sold out within a day of their release in July 2022, can still be traded on secondary markets like OpenSea. They play an essential role in unlocking digital experiences, including the KINGSHIP Islands in Roblox.

The Rise of Metaverse Bands

Debuted in November 2021, KINGSHIP consists of mutant ape Captain and bored apes KING, Arnell, and Hud, contributed by NFT collector Jimmy McNeils. The KINGSHIP initiative is a unique venture to form a metaverse-based group. Under this project, 10:22PM, a Web3 label dedicated to creators and established by Celine Joshua, is set to produce and introduce new music and items for KINGSHIP. Mirroring the style of virtual idols such as Miquela or bands like Gorillaz that used animated figures to mask their real identities, KINGSHIP aims to be the digital representation spearheading community and fanbase development for its music.


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