Samsung Smart Glasses Set to Rival Apple in the XR Martket

Samsung has received UK patent approval for its “Samsung Glasses,” marking the tech giant’s comeback to the wearable tech market after its earlier venture with Gear VR. This move signals Samsung’s readiness to compete with Apple’s Vision Pro in this competitive sector.

The approval of the “Samsung Glasses” trademark by the UK Intellectual Property Office suggests a proactive move towards the product’s development and future release. According to an Android Central report, the Samsung Glasses are scheduled for a late 2024 launch, contrasting with Apple’s anticipated mixed-reality headset release earlier in the same year.

Move towards Mixed-Reality Headsets

Initial plans reveal Samsung’s intent to manufacture around 30,000 units of its Glasses, with future production dependent on initial sales performance. The Samsung Glasses, which are envisioned to leverage Qualcomm’s XR chipset, are poised to become a direct competitor with Apple’s Vision Pro.

Samsung recently confirmed a collaboration with Google and Qualcomm, with their collective attention targeted towards mixed-reality headset development. This development exemplifies the tech industry’s keen interest in and focus on extended reality (XR) – a term collectively referring to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

The New Phase in the Tech Giant Rivalry

Samsung’s entry into the XR market with its Glasses is expected to pose a significant challenge to Apple’s Vision Pro. The patent’s approval marks a new competitive phase in the rivalry between Apple and Samsung, two of the tech industry’s biggest players.

The Samsung Glasses indicate Samsung’s determination to compete on an even playing field with Apple. As Samsung re-enters the market, these Glasses will take center stage in the XR sector, potentially setting new trends and carving new paths in the ever-evolving tech industry.

The late 2024 release date for the Samsung Glasses aligns with broader industry trends, as other major tech companies also aim to release their versions of XR devices. Industry watchers are eagerly awaiting the next chess moves in this high-stakes game between Samsung and Apple.

The release of Samsung’s Glasses promises to herald an exciting era in the wearable tech industry. Whether these Glasses will surpass Apple’s Vision Pro in popularity and performance, however, remains to be seen.


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