Upland and Polemo Games: Crafting Tomorrow’s Gaming World

Making major strides in the Web3 mobile strategy gaming market, Upland has announced the debut of Polemo Games within its virtual world. This immersive gaming platform combines the study of warfare, known as polemology, with blockchain technology and play-to-earn mechanics. With access through Upland’s virtual map that mirrors the real world, Polemo Games offers an engaging virtual environment that focuses on building community and asset ownership. 

Core Features and Blockchain Integration

Central to Polemo Games is its blockchain-driven economy. This aspect allows players to own their in-game assets, like weapons and characters, and accrue real value as they advance in the game. Integrating play-to-earn mechanics, the game rewards players with cryptocurrency for their engagement. At the same time, NFTs represent the various in-game assets. Moreover, Polemo Games builds on Upland’s commitment to community development, incorporating numerous social features to encourage player interaction and solidarity.

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Gameplay Access and Experiences

Players can access Polemo Games within the Upland platform, notably in its digital version of Arlington, Texas. Here, the game developers have constructed the Polemo MetaFort. Upon entering this fort, players are introduced to several mini-games, with the X Polemo Range available at launch. 

Beginning the game, players can use UPX tokens to buy exclusive weapon packs. These packs contain items that enhance speed, accuracy, and strategy, and their contents vary according to the rarity of the weapons. This feature allows players to improve their strategic abilities and compete against others to win UPX and other rewards.

Sean Marra, the CEO of Polemo Games, highlights the platform’s dedication to reshaping the gaming industry by empowering players and developers. “Polemo Games is driven by a passion for gaming and a commitment to redefining the industry,” states Sean. “Our platform empowers gamers and developers, creating a more equitable and enjoyable gaming experience for all.”

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Upland’s ‘Spark’ Utility

Upland is committed to developing the largest digital open economy possible. To achieve this goal, they see Polemo Games as a crucial opportunity to enhance Spark’s functionality. This will allow game developers to create additional assets that promote greater player interaction and ownership. 

Additionally, Upland has announced plans to make its utility token, Spark (converted to ‘Sparklet‘ on Ethereum), available for trading on multiple exchanges. The community has reacted positively to this news, as shown by the overwhelmingly positive response to the Sparklet White Paper, which saw an 87% approval response from the Upland community.

Uplanders can now enjoy the X Polemo Range by visiting the Polemo MetaFort at 3000 East Pioneer PKWY, Arlington, TX. This mini-shooting game is available on various platforms, including PCs, smartphones, and consoles.

Newcomers can join the Upland community via their website and download on their iOS or Android device from the App Store and Google Play.


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