GS Partners Accused of Metaverse Investment Fraud

GS Partners, a company operating in the Web3 domain, is facing a wave of regulatory scrutiny across many U.S. states. Accusations levelled at GS Partners include violation of securities laws, false claims, and omissions regarding the sale of unregistered tokenized assets to retail investors.

The legal action instigated by regulators directly targets several entities under the GS Partners umbrella. These include GSB Gold Standard Bank Ltd., Swiss Valorem Bank Ltd., and GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG. GS Partners stands accused of marketing and selling an array of digital tokens linked to numerous assets.

Accusations of Misleading Promotion and Fraudulent Activities

Among the array of assets in question are a 36-story Dubai skyscraper, termed the “G999 Tower“, and digital tokens tied to a metaverse real estate project known as the Lydian World. While promoting these investments, GS Partners purportedly claimed they would yield “lucrative profits” and “generational wealth.” Further enhancing the appeal of their offerings, the company stated that its digital assets and blockchain technologies bear backing by gold.

Adding to the intrigue, GS Partners is also reported to have operated a multi-level marketing platform offering what they termed “MetaCertificates”. Authorities, however, allege that these offerings are merely part of a wider scope of investment fraud.

High-Profile Endorsements and State-Led Enforcement

Promoting these investments, the company allegedly enlisted the endorsements of high-profile athletes like boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and soccer player Roberto Carlos. Leading the charge in legal proceedings against GS Partners are jurisdictions such as California and Texas. Both of these states have ordered GS Partners to cease all operations promptly.

Other states including Alabama, Kentucky, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and more are similarly presenting allegations against GS Partners. The ultimate goal of these regulatory bodies is to halt the alleged fraudulent operations of GS Partners in an effort to mitigate any further harm to retail investors.


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