‘Seven of Creation’: Championing Diversity in the NFT Landscape

Dedicated to empowering women in the Web3 landscape, Seven of Creation is an NFT project that blends cultural and mythological elements with an array of possibilities. Along with its vision to champion women in Web3, the project promises an intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking experience. Let’s learn more about the project and how it plans to engage a diverse range of NFT enthusiasts. 

Seven of Creation’s Immersive Stories and Collection

Seven of Creation, co-founded by Danielle and Christina Arceno, is an NFT experience uniting talented 3D artists in developing an inclusive metaverse. Dansy, a self-taught and award-winning artist, has drawn from her lifelong passion for art and various inspirations like the Renaissance and mythology to initiate this project. 

The project features seven unique female characters: Ulfhild, Akiko, Tanei, Zaida, and Kaehi, each from a different cultural background and with 1,000 distinct NFT variants representing each character. The story explores their journey across multiple timelines, focusing on their past as teens dealing with Godly curses.

Following the initial five characters, the remaining two will be unveiled within the next three months, each highlighting their uniqueness with another 1,000 NFTs. This approach promotes character development and an evolving narrative within the metaverse. The launch assets include a book (Draft 1 available on Discord), various social media platforms, a dedicated website, and a Smart Contract. Furthermore, NFT holders are empowered to use their creative freedom to craft stories with these characters. 

According to Dansy herself, “We invite our holders to actively participate in shaping our story, from character design to plot development. Together, we will build something truly special—a unique and communal world where the lines between reality and imagination blur, and where anything is possible.” You can see some examples of this on their TikTok

Artwork and Community Rights

Uniquely, Seven of Creation’s artwork is entirely hand-drawn, without AI assistance, to maintain a distinctive aesthetic appeal. Members receive exclusive perks, including access to a dedicated Discord server for creative collaborations, discussions, and early admission to new projects. Prioritizing community feedback, the project conducts weekly polls to capture their holders’ opinions on various narrative aspects.

Furthermore, they give NFT holders the right to own the intellectual property behind the artwork, thereby playing a vital role in the creative process. This forward-thinking strategy enables NFT investors to actively participate in the creative journey, setting the stage for future collaborations and projects.

Community Giveaways

To energize its community, Seven of Creation is conducting frequent Giveaways on Twitter and Discord every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. These Giveaways, running through November and December, offer an enticing mix of merchandise, including shirts, sweaters, and tote bags, alongside 3 NFT picture frames and 10 pairs of custom-designed shoes.

Participation in the Giveaways is sure to be a fun and engaging experience. Tasks include introducing yourself in the general Discord chat, entering quizzes where you’ll find the answers hidden in their Discord, and inviting friends to this inclusive Web3 community. 

A December Launch Worth Waiting For

Seven of Creation’s journey, fueled by its unique hand-drawn art and a deep focus on engaging its community, aims to form a brand that will give birth to many stories and, in time, a video game. 

Set to debut on December 21st, this NFT collection aims to welcome a community that values diversity and empowerment. Focused on female leadership and welcoming minorities into Web3, it promises an immersive adventure similar to epic sagas like The Witcher and Cyberpunk. To participate, visit their website, where you’ll soon be able to mint the NFTs priced at 0.0777 ETH.


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