Trek Labs, Backpack, and the Soaring Prices of Mad Lads NFTs

The value of Solana’s Mad Lads NFTs has reached an all-time high thanks to developments from Backpack, a Solana-based NFT wallet app. These developments include plans for a cryptocurrency exchange in Dubai, which has majorly contributed to the surge of interest and subsequent valuation of Mad Lads NFTs.

Backpack’s Ambitious Exchange Plans

Backpack has announced its intentions to open a cryptocurrency exchange in Dubai, a move that is undeniably a significant factor in the growing appeal of Mad Lads NFTs.

At the helm of this venture is Can Sun, former general counsel of FTX, who has accepted the challenge with Trek Labs, a Dubai-based startup tightly connected to Backpack and its creator, Coral.

Sun’s recent appearance in the FTX fraud trial has sparked discussion in the crypto community. His testimony against Sam Bankman-Fried, ex-CEO of FTX, and a subsequent non-prosecution agreement have been pivotal to developments surrounding Trek Labs and, by association, the Mad Lads NFTs.

Trek Labs’ Soaring Valuation

Trek Labs, with its firm ties to Backpack and the Coral entity, is reportedly pursuing the sale of a 10% stake at a valuation transcending a staggering $100 million.

Stakeholders at the Trek Labs table include Coral co-founder and CEO Armani Ferrante, alongside Claire Zhang. Both players, holding strong associations with FTX and Alameda, are no strangers to the complex world of NFTs and Cryptocurrency.

Regulatory Compliance and Rising NFT Prices

Validation from Dubai’s VARA, which issued Trek Labs a Virtual Asset Service Provider license, was a significant development that showcased Sun’s truthful disclosure of his FTX history during the application journey.

On Solana, the Mad Lads profile picture project led by Coral has experienced a significant increase in price in U.S. dollars, indicating a strong demand for NFTs.

Mad Lads NFTs

The starting price for Mad Lads NFTs is now 82.37 SOL, approximately $4,480, placing these NFTs in the high-value category.

Trek Labs has launched a beta signup for its exclusive Backpack exchange with the aim of generating more buzz and increasing sales. This opportunity is currently only available to Mad Lads NFT holders, a move that could further drive interest and sales of these particular NFTs.


The ascent of Solana’s Mad Lads NFTs to unprecedented heights reflects a confluence of strategic business moves and legal dynamics within the crypto ecosystem. 

Backpack’s announcement of a Dubai-based crypto exchange and Trek Labs’ ambitious valuation goals have significantly influenced the surge in Mad Lads’ market value. Can Sun’s involvement and legal testimonies add a layer of intrigue and credibility, further fueling investor interest. 

The exclusive access for Mad Lads NFT holders to Trek Labs’ Backpack exchange beta signifies a new era where NFT ownership extends beyond digital art, intertwining with innovative financial platforms. 

This synergy between technological advancement and market dynamics underscores the evolving narrative of NFTs as a pivotal asset class in the digital economy.


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