ZEP-Near Partnership: Boosting Metaverse Platform Development

South Korean metaverse platform ZEP has unveiled a critical alliance with the global Layer 1 blockchain platform, NEAR Protocol. This move highlights ZEP’s strategy of utilizing NEAR Protocol’s reliable and user-friendly network to collaborate with major IPs and onboard new users.

NEAR Protocol is known for its tailored blockchain network, which is ideal for large-scale, user-focused services. It has shown solid growth among Layer 1 blockchains this year, with its applications consistently ranking high on DappRadar. This uptick signifies NEAR Protocol’s reliable infrastructure and rising appeal in the domain of blockchain applications.

ZEP’s Trajectory

ZEP was created by a partnership between Supercat and NAVER Z’s Zepeto. It has shown remarkable progress since its beta launch on November 30, 2021. The platform has 1.3 million monthly active users and 8.3 million users for 2021, attracting domestic and international stakeholders. Moreover, with a strong foundation in the South Korean market, ZEP aims to venture into Japan and Southeast Asia later this year.

Mark Mi, NEAR Protocol’s Gaming Director, has underlined the prospective benefits of the partnership. The agreement will help expand NEAR’s ecosystem into the metaverse. The plan includes integrating various gaming dApps and other content from NEAR to shape the growth of ZEP in Web3.

According to Mark, “This collaboration with ZEP is a significant opportunity to expand the NEAR ecosystem into the new realm of the metaverse.” He adds, “We will continue to strive to expose NEAR users to various content in different areas. Through collaboration with dApps in the content and gaming fields based on NEAR, we will assist ZEP’s business expansion in the Web3 domain.”

Towards Web3 Integration

ZEP offers a dynamic virtual environment where users can seamlessly navigate, communicate, and interact within a vibrant community. It enables the creation of virtual chatrooms that mirror real-world settings such as offices, classrooms, social events, and business spaces.

On the ZEP platform, users also have the opportunity to personalize their experience by customizing their avatars, reflecting their unique identities. The platform enriches user interaction through the integration of links, documents, videos, and interactive game elements.

NEAR Protocol and ZEP’s partnership aims to discover new business models and emphasize the creation of Web3-focused features. This will improve the convenience and experience for developers and users. Collaboration between ZEP and its partners will enhance the user experience in the ZEP metaverse by integrating Web3 technology for the distribution and issuance of various digital assets.


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