Sui Foundation Aids Blockchain Education at London Business School

London Business School’s Wheeler Institute for Business and Development is set to benefit from a generous donation from Sui, a Layer 1 blockchain. Sui recently announced its contribution of $1 million to encourage extensive research and education in decentralized computing. This initiative aims to equip the next generation of developers and business leaders with Web3 know-how and expertise.

Laying the Foundation for Advanced Research and Education

Sui’s funds are geared towards supporting multiple initiatives at the intersection where business technology meets blockchain. This investment aims to enhance the Wheeler Institute’s research and teaching capabilities. Furthermore, it seeks to expand public outreach in fintech, automation, payment systems, and blockchain technology.

Source London Business School

Dr. Greg Siourounis, Managing Director of the Sui Foundation, recognizes the pressing need to prepare the next generation with advanced technological gear to tackle global challenges effectively. He said, “Sui is pleased to endow London Business School to give more young leaders access to the tools required for them to implement lasting positive change on a global scale.”

Recognizing the potential impact of the sizable donation, Dean François Ortalo-Magné of LBS appreciates the Sui Foundation’s generous gift, saying, “The importance of contributions like the one Sui Foundation is making at London Business School cannot be overstated. The research activities that will be funded by their gift have a multiplier effect that empowers generations of future leaders to address global challenges in entirely new ways.”

Sui Foundation Extends Its Contributions Beyond LBS

Beyond the donation to the Wheeler Institute, the Sui Foundation has already committed $225,000 in research grants to nine universities across the globe through the Sui Academic Research Awards (SARAs). The foundation has also partnered with Costeas-Geitonas School in Greece to inaugurate a Web3 curriculum, called, “Blockchain and Business Innovation.” designed mainly for high school students.

Sui is a blockchain platform designed to offer fast, private, secure, and inclusive digital asset ownership. It operates on an object-centric model that allows transactions to be executed in parallel, achieving sub-second finality. As for London Business School, it’s renowned for its impact on global business practices and its unwavering dedication to research excellence. The institution offers top-tier executive programs and degree courses to business professionals from all over the world.


Sui’s decision to fund research and education in decentralized computing is primarily focused on development in Web3 domains. The hefty support for blockchain and fintech at the Wheeler Institute demonstrates this intent. Moreover, Sui’s commitment seeks to equip the next generation for an evolving technological landscape. The goal is to develop blockchain expertise globally, starting with the Wheeler Institute and London Business School.


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