Courtyard Set to Give Away NFT-Linked Tokenized Pokémon Cards

Courtyard, a startup specializing in crypto collectibles, has announced an exciting event for card collectors. Starting from November 14, Courtyard is giving away hundreds of mystery packs containing an assortment of graded and tokenized Pokémon cards, set to last for four days until November 17.

NFT Assets and Physical Collectibles

Each digital pack contains an NFT that’s connected to a graded Pokémon card, allowing for the trading of the digital version. This move is part of Courtyard’s initiative to tokenize Pokémon cards on the blockchain, ensuring digital scarcity and providing a unique, secure identifier confirming the authenticity of the digital assets

With Brink’s vaulting services, the physical versions of these cards are secured and can be officially claimed by their respective digital NFT owners. 

The variety of cards up for grabs include vintage base set cards, modern cards, and all manner of promo cards, boasting rare finds such as the 2020 Sword & Shield Shiny Star Charizard and a 1998 Starter Red Green Gift Set Holo Scyther.

Collaboration and Community Engagement

Courtyard has collaborated with Privy and Chimpers, an Ethereum NFT collection, to release this collection to the public free of charge as part of an early Thanksgiving promotional event. There will be a total of 400 packs given away over the four-day period, distributed at a rate of 100 packs per day. 

Additionally, Courtyard has reserved an extra ten packs for those collectors who provide the best responses to Thanksgiving-themed questions posed by the company. Prior to this, Courtyard has successfully hosted and sold out nine similar drops, with a total of 1,700 cards, successfully incorporated about $200,000 worth of graded Pokémon cards into the blockchain. 

This event is set to commence with virtual openings starting from November 21, promising both an exciting and rewarding experience for Pokémon card collectors.


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