Gold-Backed NFTs: A New Era in Wealth Preservation

SwissGold Crypto AG, a regulated crypto issuer in Switzerland, has come up with a new solution for wealth preservation in the volatile financial market: gold-backed NFTs, blending the timeless value of gold with the innovative potential of NFT technology. These NFTs represent actual gold bars, providing a transparent and immutable proof of ownership.

Why Gold is Important

Historically, gold has been synonymous with wealth preservation. The stability and resilience of gold, in contrast to depreciating fiat currencies, make it an effective wealth preserver.

It witnessed a surge in importance after the US president’s landmark decision of 1971 to abandon the gold standard, which subsequently saw major fiat currencies crumple under substantial devaluation. In fact, the dollar recorded an astonishing loss of 97% of its value against gold.

In a world marked by escalating inflation rates, it’s no surprise that alternative assets like gold and cryptocurrencies pique the interest of investors. While cryptocurrencies may ride on the wave of volatility, gold exudes stability. It offers a welcome solace in crises, hyperinflation, conflict, or natural disasters.

But there’s a catch. The gold hailed as crisis insurance should ideally be physically allocated. This need arises due to the staggering size of the paper gold market, which is mammoth compared to the available physical gold and can potentially lead to shortages during crises.

SwissGold Crypto AG’s Gold-Backed NFTs

Switching gears, is SwissGold Crypto AG’s offering: Gold-backed NFTs. SwissGold’s innovative approach places gold bars of all sizes as NFTs on the blockchain, providing a secure and flexible means of gold ownership and trading. Each NFT is systematically backed by physical gold bars, and you can purchase them for as low as $60 for a 1-gram gold bar.

Furthermore, SwissGold‘s NFTs come without storage fees, a feature rare in the blockchain world. Token holders also have the liberty to redeem their NFTs for the physical gold bars they represent any time they please. These NFTs step it up in the features department as well by including the serial number of the corresponding gold bar and a metaverse-compatible 3D representation that can have a virtual display.

Acquiring SwissGold NFTs

Purchasing SwissGold NFTs could not be any simpler. All transactions take place on the platform, which accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The acquired gold is stored securely in Switzerland’s high-security vaults, aiming to instil a sense of security in investors.

Overall, SwissGold’s gold-backed NFTs offer a modern take on wealth preservation, leveraging the use cases of NFTs to provide a secure, innovative, and tangible asset in the digital age. SwissGold’s initiative appears to offer a secure option for investors to safeguard their wealth against the unpredictable tides of the global economy.


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