Adidas Collaborates with Bugatti for Limited Edition Web3 Football Boots

Adidas and Bugatti combine their design skills and technological advancements to auction off a limited number of football boots. This innovative auction will take place on a pioneering Web3 platform, a move that significantly underscores the intersection of fashion, technology, and the automotive industry.

Just 99 pairs of these specially designed, limited-edition boots will be available for the public to bid on. Each boot reflects the sophisticated design and elegance that Bugatti’s vehicles are famous for, making this a one-of-a-kind opportunity for both football enthusiasts and collectors alike. The auction is set to take place over four days, commencing on November 8 and concluding on November 11.

Unveiling the Exclusive Design

The limited-edition boots are an artistic rendition available in two colors. The first is a classic, rich black resonating with Bugatti’s modern vehicles. The second color is a special hue of blue. This color has a historical emotion reminiscent of the early Bugatti Grand Prix cars. These feature-rich, eye-catching colors are likely to be a big draw at the auction.

A unique element of the auction is the promising concept of a ‘digital twin.’ That is, every pair of boots will exist both physically and digitally— a testament to the convergence of the physical and digital world.

The boot design is not just about aesthetics; it follows Bugatti’s ‘Form Follows Performance’ philosophy. This approach ensures that the objective of performance enhancement is never underestimated while creating visually appealing designs. This attribute sheds light on how the collaboration offers more than just physical appeal; it carries the weight of Bugatti’s legendary design philosophy.

Adidas x Bugatti Boot Auction

As the auction draws near, there’s a rising buzz among collectors. They foresee the boots as more than just athletic apparel. Anticipating their rarity in the future, collectors acknowledge these boots as valuable and desirable. The unique design, coupled with the limited number of items and the partnership’s pedigree, makes them a worthy addition to any collection.

Bidders can place their bids using the payment platform MoonPay. The inclusion of this platform opens up the auction to a wider audience by offering a simple and efficient way to bid using traditional currency. This option proves advantageous as potential bidders need not own cryptocurrency, making it easy for even traditional collectors to participate in the auction.


This unique collaboration between Adidas and Bugatti is more than just an auction. It represents an amalgamation of technology, fashion, sports, and automotive industries, serving as a bridge between these diverse sectors. This high-stakes auction brings a golden opportunity for collectors who cherish exclusive items representing iconic collaborations.


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