Former OpenSea Executive Accused of Links to AnubisDAO Rug Pull

On October 6, a thread emerged from NFT Ethics, suggesting a possible link between Kevin Pawlak, a former executive at OpenSea, and a pseudonym “0xSisyphus” implicated in questionable activities surrounding the AnubisDAO rug pull of 2021. 

An analysis of Ethereum transactions disclosed connections between certain addresses and domains reportedly associated with Pawlak, alongside tokens minted in relation to the AnubisDAO incident.

The rug pull incident at AnubisDAO in October 2021 resulted in the loss of approximately 13,556 Ether, which was valued around $60 million at the time. Such events create a sense of mistrust within the community, posing significant setbacks for the involved platforms and the broader NFT ecosystem.

In a swift response to the allegations OpenSea issued a statement on October 6. OpenSea, in its statement, refuted having any knowledge of Pawlak’s purported activities, noting his limited role at the company that predated the incident. The narrative surrounding the AnubisDAO rug pull continues to be a source of skepticism, with the accusations facing a deficit of substantial evidence to date.

The Investigation Continues

Blockchain investigator ZachXBT has sought to distinguish between gross negligence and outright theft in this saga, while also spotlighting other pseudonymous individuals, “Beerus” and “Ersan,” as the main actors in this scandal. His insights accentuate the sustained doubt and discourse within the blockchain community concerning the authentic culprits behind the AnubisDAO incident. 

The repercussions of this event reverberate through the NFT sphere, prompting a call for enhanced scrutiny and transparency in the dealings of key players within the digital asset landscape.


The unfolding allegations against Pawlak and the AnubisDAO rug pull unveils the teeming complexities and the imperative for diligent scrutiny in the rapidly evolving NFT domain. As the discourse unfolds and further investigations are conducted, the NFT community and the involved stakeholders eagerly await clarity on the matter, which may, in turn, foster enhanced security protocols and ethical practices within the ecosystem.


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