Mythtopia: Augmented Reality Eco-Tourism and NFTs

Slated to open near Edinburgh in Spring 2024, Mythtopia aims to redefine eco-tourism by fusing luxury glamping with augmented reality (AR) adventures. Located just 20 minutes from the Scottish capital and nestled within 200 acres of preserved land, the resort promises an immersive experience for nature enthusiasts and tech-savvy travellers. According to Oliver Pyle-Santini, founder of Mythtopia, “Something like this has never really been done before, and by blending together eco-tourism, gaming and the cryptosphere, we’re hoping to create a new era for travel and tourism.”

Unique Features and Activities

Mythtopia plans to feature 150 low-impact geometric domes and lodges. Besides conventional amenities like a restaurant, clubhouse, bar, and spa, the resort offers various activities tailored for a diverse audience. Guests can explore ‘Mythtopia Legends,’ a geofenced AR playground rooted in ancient Celtic mythology, interacting with digital talking trees and dwarves and embarking on quests.

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Additionally, a range of outdoor activities like open water swimming, horse riding, yoga classes, and silent disco parties are available. “This AR experience will create a ‘digital theme park’ perfect for families, couples, gamers, and LARPers,” states the resort’s promotional materials.

Sustainability and Exclusive Access

Mythtopia takes its commitment to sustainability seriously. By purchasing an NFT, guests will support the rewilding of the forest and planting over 120,000 trees. Each NFT will mint for 0.35 ETH. Furthermore, the resort has introduced a cryptocurrency token called OXEGEN (OXE), akin to a ‘digital carbon credit.’ The resort is also exclusive to NFT token holders, who can stay up to three nights a year and invite three other guests. Some may choose to stake their NFTs for a share of the booking revenue.

Final Thoughts

Mythtopia could create a unique space at the intersection of eco-tourism, augmented reality, and cryptocurrency. As it prepares to open its doors in Spring 2024, the project exemplifies the evolving landscape of travel and leisure, offering a holistic yet high-tech approach to enjoying nature. Only time will tell if this innovative model catches on. Still, it certainly provides a glimpse into the future of sustainable tourism and digital engagement, so let’s see what happens.

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