Bitzing: Where Blockchain Meets Funfair

Bitzing, an innovative entertainment platform, has recently launched to inject the spirit of traditional fairs and theme parks into the blockchain. Designed with Web3 technology at its core, the platform offers a range of interactive features that engage users in games and raffles while providing opportunities to win top-tier NFTs and other digital assets.

Leveraging Blockchain to Revamp Traditional Funfair Games

Central to the Bitzing platform is the Raffle Box, a creative element that combines the fun of classic raffles with the power of blockchain. Users can enter these draws using either ETH or USDT, competing for the chance to win high-value NFTs from established collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, and Doodles. Furthermore, you can earn ETH, and Bitzing also plans to add more cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, in the near future.

In addition to the Raffle Box, Bitzing introduces the Treasure Draw. With an entry fee starting as low as 0.0001 ETH, participants pool the value of their tickets for an opportunity to discover some of the market’s most sought-after NFTs. Treasure Draw offers a cost-effective way for buyers to obtain high-value NFTs at a reduced price. Additionally, it provides a platform for NFT owners to sell their collections.

A Community-Focused, Transparent Web3 Platform

Along with addressing critical issues such as the lack of inherent value and trust in digital entertainment, Bitzing envisions shaping the future landscape of Web3 through transparent and rewarding entertainment for users.

Designed with community engagement as a priority, Bitzing offers a fair gaming environment and a variety of benefits for its members. For instance, community members can access up to 200% bonuses, with values ranging between 10 ETH and 100 ETH. 

Moreover, Bitzing allows you to make money by sharing the platform with friends or others interested in NFTs and crypto. By distributing your personalized referral link, you can earn up to 50% commission for each purchase made by those you refer. 

As Bitzing evolves, it becomes a fresh and innovative form of entertainment on the blockchain. For those looking to explore the capabilities of Web3 within a community-focused environment, Bitzing offers the perfect blend of blockchain technology, tangible entertainment experiences, and, most importantly, fun!

About Bitzing

Bitzing is breaking new ground as a Web3-based entertainment platform. Focusing on engaging Raffle Boxes and Treasure Draws, they allow users to acquire high-value digital assets like NFTs and cryptocurrencies at a fraction of their actual cost. 

Boasting a team of seasoned experts in fields ranging from blockchain and gaming to marketing and business, Bitzing strongly emphasises security, transparency, and fairness across its operations. This unique focus sets the platform apart within the Web3 ecosystem, attracting users who value these principles and distinguishing the platform in the Web3 landscape. 

You can learn more about Bitzing on their website, X, Telegram, Discord, and Medium


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