Affiliate Marketing Blockchain in Crypto and NFT Projects

When searching for marketing strategies, crypto product owners aim to capture the attention of crypto users and achieve efficiency and rapid, measurable outcomes. One of the highly sought-after approaches to achieving this is NFT and crypto affiliate marketing. A proficient affiliate network can catalyze a crypto product’s success and provide a lucrative opportunity for its affiliates. Prominent players in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries have long utilized diverse crypto affiliate marketing programs. Fracas NFT, – marketing agency specializing in the field, is well-equipped to guide you on how to establish an affiliate network and how to apply your affiliate marketing efforts to gain valuable exposure and achieve results.

What is crypto affiliate marketing?

Similar to a traditional affiliate marketing program, affiliate marketing in crypto involves hiring affiliate marketers to promote blockchain or cryptocurrency projects like crypto exchanges. Each marketer is provided with a personal referral link to the product they are promoting. When someone clicks on this affiliate link and takes conversion action, the affiliate marketer is rewarded with affiliate fees or other agreed bonuses. This marketing strategy allows for effective promotion and incentivizes marketers to drive traffic and conversions in the crypto industry.

Depending on the goal, a conversion action in the exchange affiliate programs, can include:

● Subscribing to a newsletter

● creating an account;

● making the first deposit;

● buying a coin or signing up for a course.

Any legal entity or individual has the opportunity to become a dedicated affiliate manager in these programs. However, it’s important to note that certain criteria may apply to most crypto affiliate programs of major crypto exchanges, like the Binance affiliate program. For instance, Binance requires individuals to have a minimum of 5,000 followers on at least one popular social network.

Benefits of crypto affiliate marketing for crypto projects and their affiliates

Now that you know the answer to the question “What is crypto affiliate marketing”, let’s look at the benefits that accrue to both sides of any referral program: those who run the affiliate program and those who promote crypto affiliate programs.

  1. For crypto companies, affiliate marketing crypto presents a valuable opportunity to rapidly broaden their customer base by leveraging affiliate subscribers, particularly when collaborating with influential figures in the crypto industry.
  2. Companies can leverage their extensive crypto affiliate networks of partners and subscribers as valuable focus groups for conducting market research. By tapping into these engaged crypto networks, businesses can gather objective insights and use the data to inform future campaigns.
  3. Probably the most attractive aspect of affiliate marketing for cryptocurrency for influencers is the opportunity to earn passive income for their participation. Participation in the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs gives a chance for stable and very solid passive income. Become an affiliate for several NFT affiliate marketing and crypto affiliate programs safe to receive steady income streams.
  4. Another advantageous aspect for participants in referral programs may be the reduction of various trading fees and transaction fees or access to some crypto related services. An affiliate can also receive a reward or commission from all referral trading fees.
  5. Participating in crypto ICO affiliate marketing can be highly profitable. Affiliate partners have the opportunity to earn lucrative commissions and gain early access to exclusive coin purchases.

So affiliate marketing blockchain solutions can be beneficial to any blockchain marketing company, project, or crypto enthusiast.

The best crypto affiliate marketing programs for cryptocurrency and NFT affiliate marketing

Let’s try to find the best cryptocurrency affiliate program on the cryptocurrency market.

Paxful affiliate program

Paxful offers one of the most outstanding Bitcoin affiliate programs in the market. This crypto affiliate program is designed with a two-tiered approach, guaranteeing affiliate partners maximum benefits. You will receive 50% of the commission every time a referral purchases bitcoins using your unique referral link. Plus, receive a 10% commission on all bitcoin purchases made by individuals referred to the exchange through your referrals. Paxful’s Bitcoin affiliate program stands out from the competition, providing lucrative opportunities for those interested in Bitcoin affiliate programs.

Blockchain affiliate marketing: Bitfinex affiliate program

The Bitfinex affiliate program offers affiliates the opportunity to create a three-tier link with referrals and earn passive income from the trading fees they pay for trading crypto and margin funding fees. With this best crypto affiliate marketing program, you can earn 18% from your first-level affiliates, 6% from your second-level affiliates, and 2% from your third-level affiliates.

Coinbase affiliate program

This platform allows partners to earn through referrals in their Bitcoin affiliate network during the first three months of their referrals’ time on Coinbase. Partners will receive 50% of the fees as their earnings, which can be paid to either their PayPal account or their bank account in their home country’s currency. Affiliate marketing NFT is available on Coinbase under the same conditions.

Blockchain affiliate marketing: Coinmama affiliate program

Coinmama provides the right crypto affiliate program for individuals seeking a long-term partnership. By opting for this crypto trading affiliate program, you can earn a generous 30% commission on every purchase made by your referrals. Best of all, this program has no expiration date, ensuring a lifelong opportunity to earn.

Changelly affiliate program

This is probably the most flexible of the cryptocurrency affiliate programs on this list.

This global crypto affiliate company offers its partners two options to earn money from referrals. Blockchain affiliate marketing under the RevShare program will allow you to earn half of the commissions paid by referrals for any transaction, whether it is the purchase of cryptocurrency or its exchange.

The CPI, CPA, and HYBRID programs allow each affiliate to coordinate his or her earnings with the crypto exchange team individually.


The application of blockchain to affiliate marketing has revolutionized the way individuals participate in affiliate programs, providing a trustworthy and consistent source of income. By utilizing smart contracts, the security and transparency of collaboration are guaranteed. Furthermore, the application of blockchain has also addressed concerns related to the smart contract audit cost, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient approach.


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