Highlights from the 2023 Ordinals Summit in Singapore

Over 400 enthusiasts and experts from across the globe assembled for the inaugural Ordinals Summit 2023, focusing on the Ordinals space. We look at the key announcements and developments presented at the summit, which included a spectrum of panel discussions, keynote speeches, an art exhibition, and a surprise visit from a notable figure.

Unveiling Innovations and Opportunities

The event boasted a packed agenda, encompassing seven-panel sessions and four keynotes culminating in a closing fireside chat. The attendees, including top developers, builders, investors, artists, and collectors from the Ordinals arena, benefitted from discussions that covered a diverse array of topics. These include the emerging trends in the Ordinals space to the Bitcoin BUIDL culture, and a nuanced exploration of the opportunities and challenges that prospective investors might encounter in the Ordinals sector.

Casey Rodarmor at the event

Adding a touch of excitement to the day was an unexpected visit from the creator of Bitcoin Ordinals, Casey Rodarmor. His appearance was not just a surprise but also a sign of the event’s significance in the rapidly growing space of Ordinals.

Furthermore, attendees were invited to immerse themselves in a crypto art exhibition orchestrated by Crypto Art Week Asia. The exhibition was curated by Radarboy3000 and showcased the digital art prowess of notable creators such as Takens Theorem and Rudxane. In addition to the physical gallery, the event also heralded the launch of an immersive 3D virtual gallery at N3WBS Gallery, a space devoted exclusively to the Ordinals community.

Source Ordinals Summit in Singapore

Key Announcements Shaping the Future of Ordinals

To start with, U-Zyn Chua, co-founder and lead researcher of Ordzaar, a Bitcoin Ordinals platform, announced a new feature called the Honor-Based Creators Royalty. This initiative aims to support sustainability and encourage long-term planning in the Ordinals builder ecosystem. Ordzaar offers 0% fees on secondary trades and a streamlined platform for creators. It promotes a future where innovators are recognized for their strategic and sustained efforts.

Furthermore, Thanh Le, the founder of Coin98, introduced their latest product, the Bitcoin Wallet by Coin98. This wallet represents a secure and user-friendly method for individuals to manage their BTC assets. Moreover, it aims to serve as a gateway to the wider world of Ordinals, offering users more control over their digital possessions. It is designed to help users fully utilize the capabilities of the Bitcoin network and adapt to the evolving landscape of digital finance.

During the event, Neoswap announced their plans to conduct an Ordinals smart auction in partnership with Ordzaar later this week. This auction setup enables participants to bid on any Ordinals they wish to acquire without concerns about exceeding their budget.

Lastly, RCSV revealed the launch of its BRC-420 protocol, which is divided into “Metaverse Standards” and “Inscription Royalties”. This protocol ensures that various contents like game items and multimedia are available in open-source formats, facilitating compatibility and interaction across different games and blockchain platforms.


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