Diesel Leverages NFTs for Exclusive Milan Fashion Week Access

Renowned fashion brand Diesel is venturing into the NFT space by collaborating with Public Pressure, a platform dedicated to Web3 culture and music. The partnership aims to release a limited edition of 300 NFTs named “Metamorph.” These digital collectibles will be minted on both the Polkadot and Polygon blockchain networks. The initiative marks a significant step in the convergence of the fashion industry and blockchain technology.

What “Metamorph” NFT Holders Stand to Gain

The Metamorph NFTs are not merely digital collectibles; they serve as a gateway to exclusive experiences and tangible benefits. Holders of these NFTs will gain special access to Diesel’s upcoming show at Milan Fashion Week

In addition to this unique experience, NFT holders will be placed on an allow list, granting them the opportunity to purchase one of 300 limited edition Metamorph watches. Adding an auditory dimension to the offering, each NFT will come with an exclusive soundtrack. Priced at $60 each, the NFTs are expected to be in high demand.

Implications for the Fashion Industry 

Diesel’s foray into the NFT space signals a broader trend of traditional industries exploring digital assets as a means of customer engagement. By offering exclusive access to events and limited edition products through NFTs, Diesel is setting a precedent for how fashion brands can interact with their audience in a Web3 environment. This move could potentially pave the way for other brands to adopt similar strategies, thereby expanding the utility of NFTs beyond digital art and collectibles.

The use of both Polkadot and Polygon networks for minting the NFTs also highlights the growing interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem. Brands now have the flexibility to choose from multiple networks based on their specific needs, whether it’s transaction speed, cost-efficiency, or ecological impact.


Diesel’s latest NFT drop, in collaboration with Public Pressure, offers more than just digital collectibles. It provides a novel way for fans to engage with the brand, while also extending the boundaries of what NFTs can offer in terms of real-world value. As industries continue to intersect with blockchain technology, initiatives like these are likely to become more prevalent, offering consumers new ways to connect with brands and experiences they value.


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