Animoca Brands’ GAMEE Unveils Beasties NFT Characters

GAMEE, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd, has announced the introduction of Beasties, in-game companions designed to offer utility within its Arc8 app. This move aims to create a seamless transition between traditional gaming and the decentralized gaming ecosystem. 

A unique feature of this launch is the ability for players to mint NFTs at zero cost. This initiative is expected to attract a broader audience to the Arc8 platform, as it combines the familiar elements of traditional gaming with the advantages of blockchain technology.

The Beasties Experience

As part of the Beasties launch, each player on the Arc8 platform will receive an in-game egg. This egg has the potential to hatch into a Beastie, a digital companion that can be nurtured and upgraded. Players can earn food for their Beasties through in-game victories, which contributes to the growth and development of these digital companions.

The Beasties are not merely decorative or cosmetic additions to the game. They offer tangible in-game advantages, such as increased energy levels, thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience. What sets Beasties apart is the option for players to convert these in-game companions into NFTs. 

Once converted, these NFTs can be traded, sold, or used across different games within the Arc8 ecosystem, providing players with a new layer of utility and engagement.

The Gaming Industry and Beyond

The launch of Beasties on the Arc8 platform signifies a noteworthy development in the gaming industry. By offering players the ability to mint NFTs at no cost, GAMEE is lowering the entry barrier to the world of decentralized gaming. This is particularly significant given the high costs often associated with minting NFTs in other platforms and games.

Moreover, the introduction of utility-providing in-game companions like Beasties could set a precedent for other gaming platforms to follow. It demonstrates the potential for NFTs to serve as more than just collectibles; they can offer real utility that enhances the player experience. This development could also stimulate further innovation in the integration of blockchain technology within the gaming industry.


In summary, GAMEE’s introduction of Beasties on its Arc8 platform represents a strategic move to bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized gaming. By offering in-game companions that can be nurtured, upgraded, and eventually converted into NFTs, the company is providing a unique and engaging experience for players. This initiative not only lowers the entry barrier to decentralized gaming but also opens up new avenues for the application of NFTs in the gaming ecosystem.


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