Shandong Province Aims for 10% of Global Metaverse Market by 2025

China’s Shandong Province has recently announced a comprehensive strategy to secure a significant position in the rapidly expanding metaverse industry. Spearheaded by the Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the province aims to build a metaverse market valued at 130 billion yuan ($20.5 billion) by 2025. This would represent approximately 10% of the projected global market share. The plan is multi-faceted, focusing on infrastructure development, content creation, platform operation, and the identification of practical application scenarios.

Investment and Collaboration

Central to Shandong’s strategy is the attraction of foreign investment and talent. The province is actively seeking partnerships and collaborations across various industries to fuel its metaverse ambitions. The plan also emphasizes the importance of innovation, aiming to become a hub for cutting-edge metaverse technologies. By fostering an environment conducive to cross-industry collaboration, Shandong aims to accelerate the development and commercialization of metaverse applications.

Diverse Applications Across Multiple Sectors

Shandong’s vision for the metaverse extends beyond mere entertainment or social interaction. The province identifies a wide range of sectors where the metaverse could have a transformative impact. These include education, where virtual classrooms could offer enriched learning experiences; entertainment, where immersive experiences could redefine user engagement; and tourism, where virtual visits could supplement or even replace physical travel.

Additionally, the province sees potential in cultural exhibitions that could be accessed globally, sports events that could be experienced in new dimensions, healthcare applications that could offer remote consultations and treatments, and e-commerce platforms that could provide a more interactive shopping experience.

Implications and Future Outlook

Shandong’s ambitious plan serves as a testament to the growing importance of the metaverse in global economic strategies. If successful, the province could set a precedent for how regional governments can effectively leverage the metaverse for economic and social benefits. However, the plan also raises questions about market competition, data privacy, and the ethical considerations of metaverse applications.

As the 2025 target date approaches, all eyes will be on Shandong to see if it can achieve its lofty goals and what lessons can be gleaned for other regions contemplating similar ventures into the metaverse.


Shandong Province’s initiative to capture a significant share of the global metaverse market by 2025 is a bold move that could have far-reaching implications. By focusing on infrastructure, innovation, and cross-industry collaboration, the province aims to become a global leader in this rapidly evolving sector. With plans to apply metaverse technologies across a diverse range of industries, from education to healthcare, Shandong is positioning itself at the forefront of this digital frontier.


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