Enjin Blockchain Launch: A New Gateway to NFT Accessibility

Anticipation is building within the Enjin community for the debut of the Enjin Blockchain, launching on September 13th. This development is expected to bolster the NFT gaming ecosystem, and the goal is clear: democratizing access to NFTs, a vision central to Enjin and Efinity. The forthcoming launch signifies the union of these communities under one unified token, ENJ, enhancing the user experience in the NFT marketplace.

Significant Changes and Community Participation

This transition to the new blockchain platform comes with several notable changes. The Efinity Matrixchain will integrate with the Enjin Matrixchain, inaugurating as the initial matrixchain on the Enjin Blockchain following a successful community referendum in June.

Additionally, there will be alterations in the token system; Enjin Coin (ENJ) will shift from its ERC-20 base to the substrate-based Enjin Blockchain at a 1:1 ratio. Efinity Tokens (EFI) will be exchanged for ENJ at 4:1.

Furthermore, the Enjin Blockchain intends to enhance user engagement by introducing new core features that simplify governance and staking processes and implement fuel tanks and managed wallets. These updates are expected to create a smoother, more interactive experience for users in the NFT space.

Transitioning with Ease and Future Prospects

As Efinity merges into the Enjin Matrixchain, users can expect a smooth transition with all existing data from Efinity being carried over and Substrate EFI automatically converting to native ENJ. This change is set to create a unified, streamlined platform for the entire Enjin ecosystem.

Looking forward, the Enjin app layer is gearing up to integrate effectively with the new blockchain, promising users an enhanced and intuitive experience. Existing features like Beams will be accessible on the Enjin Matrixchain through the Enjin Wallet app, facilitating the migration of ENJ and EFI to native ENJ. This app will serve as a gateway to early governance and staking UI, encouraging users to participate in community governance.

Moreover, this launch will stimulate further growth and innovation in the NFT sector. As the date approaches, users are urged to prepare for the migration and to venture into the new avenues that the Enjin Blockchain is poised to open in the world of NFTs. Setting itself apart from other platforms, the Enjin Blockchain forgoes the use of smart contracts, instead choosing to embed essential functions like creating, utilising, and transferring NFTs directly into its core code.

Enjin’s Industry Presence

The firm has unveiled a comprehensive suite of blockchain tools and solutions that facilitate the creation, management, trading, distribution, and integration of NFTs for developers, businesses, and individual users. This unified system encompasses the Enjin Platform, the Enjin Wallet, an NFT marketplace (NFT.io), a range of Software Development Kits (SDKs) and plugins, a powerful API, and a QR code asset distribution service.

Enjin has also fostered notable alliances with industry giants, including Microsoft, Square Enix, and Entropia Universe. Furthermore, it has joined forces with over 100 game and app developers, engaging in various projects covering various categories such as reward initiatives, open-world fantasy RPGs, card trading games, augmented reality applications, and Minecraft servers.

Overall, the Enjin Blockchain stands as a promising frontier for expanding the horizons of NFT accessibility and engagement.


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