Grab Introduces Web3 Wallets and Blockchain-Based Rewards

Southeast Asia’s leading super-app, Grab, has announced the integration of web3 functionalities into its platform. With a user base of over 34.9 million monthly transacted users, the app now allows individuals to set up web3 wallets. This new feature enables users to earn rewards in the form of blockchain assets, including NFTs. The move aims to diversify the app’s offerings and tap into the growing interest in digital assets among consumers.

NFT Vouchers

In a strategic partnership with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Grab will offer NFT vouchers that can be redeemed for dining and experiences within Singapore. This initiative is not an isolated endeavor but part of a larger pilot study involving MAS. 

The study aims to explore the potential of digital assets in enhancing consumer experiences and streamlining payment systems. By offering NFT vouchers, Grab and MAS are testing the waters for a more extensive adoption of blockchain technologies in everyday transactions.

Digital Asset-Based Payment Systems 

Grab’s foray into web3 functionalities is part of a broader strategy that includes collaborations with global companies like Amazon and Fazz. These partnerships focus on creating digital asset-based payment systems that could redefine how transactions are conducted. While the details of these collaborations are yet to be disclosed, they indicate Grab’s commitment to staying ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Grab’s integration of web3 functionalities and its partnerships with entities like the Monetary Authority of Singapore signify a calculated move into the digital asset space. As the company continues to diversify its services, it is clear that Grab is positioning itself to be more than just a super-app. 

By embracing blockchain technologies, Grab is not only enhancing its own platform but also contributing to the broader adoption of digital assets in the Southeast Asian market. With ongoing collaborations and pilot studies, the company is set to explore further the capabilities and applications of blockchain and digital assets.


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