Unveiling X2Y2: Pioneering NFT Finance and Innovation

X2Y2 is both an NFT Marketplace as well as a platform for NFT Loans established in October 2021 that has been operating safely for nearly two years with a trading volume of $10B. In September 2022, X2Y2 successfully launched X2Fi and becomes one of the largest NFT Finance platforms in the market. X2Fi has facilitated over 14,000 NFT lending transactions with a total transaction amount of nearly $100M. Throughout its operation, X2Fi has never experienced any incidents of asset theft. Its security and reliability have been rigorously audited and recognized by esteemed entities like SlowMist and SECbit.

The Launch of Listing Offer

Currently, X2Fi has announced the launch of Listing Offer, a feature that allows borrowers to propose their loan terms according to their own expectations. Once the lender accepts, they can click to Match, and the offer becomes effective. This innovative loan service empowers borrowers with greater flexibility and autonomy, allowing them to set and submit loan terms based on their own financial needs and debt repayment ability. In this way, borrowers can freely choose the most suitable loan conditions for themselves, such as amount, APR, duration, etc..

The launch of the “Listing Offer” feature upends the norm in traditional financial models where only the lender sets the loan conditions. In this new model, the roles of borrowers and lenders are more equal because both parties can initiate offers actively. 

This novel offer model not only improves the efficiency of loans but also further enhances the transparency and fairness. Through this model, borrowers can better can provide lenders with more choices and information. The launch of this model will undoubtedly further promote the development of the fintech industry and bring more fairness, transparency, and efficient services to the financial market.

In-depth Analysis of X2Fi’s Unique Features 

Since the establishment of X2Fi, it has been committed to continuous innovation and improvement, launching a series of convenient and practical financial features. By enhancing the convenience and efficiency of the lending process, It aims to improve the user experience for both lenders and borrowers. These features include Refinance, NFT Protection, and ability to Batch loans etc.

The Refinance feature is mainly for borrowers who wish to continue borrowing wETH before the loan contract expires. It should be noted that Refinance is not merely an extension of the original loan terms, but a replacement with new loan terms. The wETH obtained under the new loan terms will be used to repay the original loan, effectively extending the borrowing period and providing the opportunity to obtain more favorable rates and terms. This helps alleviate the repayment pressure on users, save on interest expenses, and further optimize the repayment plan.

NFT Protection is a feature that prevent the loss of NFTs due to the borrower’s failure to repay the loan on time for reasons such as forgetfulness. Borrowers can choose to activate the protection feature, which automatically accepts an extension offer 1 hour before the due date and pay 0.05 WETH to the person who protected the NFT. 

With X2Fi’s Batch feature, borrowers can borrow, refinance, and repay in batches. Unlike the Bundle on other platforms, borrowers only need to select the NFTs they need and then perform batch operations. Each NFT is an independent loan, so there’s no need to worry about having to repay all together after being bundled, or delay in receiving the loan because an NFT after bundling does not meet the lender’s requirements.

Furthermore, X2Fi has also made new attempts in other areas. For example, it now supports ERC-20 loans, which isn’t supported by most platforms. For popular meme coins (such as $PEPE and $SHIB), this features provides a new avenue for liquidity. Through X2Fi’s ERC-20 loans, holders of these coins can convert them into NFTs and use them as loan collateral to obtain stable coins, thereby unlocking liquidity and giving them more value. In addition, these NFT collateral assets can be freely traded on the market and at the same time provide users with OTC trading opportunities.

Innovative Attempts and Future Development Plans of X2Fi 

X2Fi as a rapidly growing protocol in the NFT Finance space, is always exploring and developing new features to better meet user’s needs and expectations. Currently, X2Fi is actively developing new features as well as building partnership with projects in the NFT Finance space as well as in the RWA field.

One such example is X2Fi’s partnership with Found, which is a RWA platform that helps on board those with bankruptcy claims against notable exchanges such as FTX. Working with Found presents a unique opportunity because Found’s smart claims are an ERC-721, which can be borrowed against on X2Fi’s platform. In addition, Found plans to tokenize smart claims into ERC-20 which could also be collateralized on X2Fi via ERC-20 loans. By working with Found and other RWA projects, X2Fi aims to be the intermediary that bridges real world assets and DeFi.

At the same time, X2Fi is actively developing The BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) function. This feature indeed offers unprecedented flexibility and choice for borrowers. This method allows borrowers to choose the most suitable repayment plan based on their own financial situation and needs. Not only does it provide personalized and tailor-made financial management solutions, but it also reflects X2Fi’s commitment to providing users with integrated financial solutions.

In addition, through collaboration with projects and third-party platforms, X2Fi can provide more comprehensive financial services. This strategic partnership demonstrates that X2Fi can leverage the strength of its partners to provide users with more efficient and convenient financial services.

The upcoming stable coin lending will benefit holders of long-term blue-chip NFTs who wishes to borrow stable coins. 

In summary, X2Fi is constantly optimizing and expanding its services to provide more convenient and efficient financial services.


X2Fi, with its excellent business capabilities and innovative technical means, is continuously providing users with more efficient, safer, and more convenient services. Whether it’s new loan features or continuously optimized platform features, they all highlight X2Fi’s determination and ability to develop. In the future, X2Fi will continue to be committed to R&D, bringing even better user experience to its users.


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