A $1.1 Million On-Chain Loan Secured by Supreme T-Shirts

In a recent development that underscores the growing utility of NFTs, an individual has successfully secured a $1.1 million on-chain loan using an NFT as collateral on Arcade.xyz. The NFT in question represents ownership of a complete set of Supreme Box logo T-shirts, a collection that was appraised by Sotheby’s at approximately $2.5 million a couple of years ago.

The owner of this coveted streetwear collection sent the physical set, weighing over 1000 pounds, to an escrow company. In return, the company issued NFTs that digitally signify ownership of the shirts. This move allowed the borrower to tap into global liquidity, demonstrating the increasing interplay between physical assets and their digital representations.

How the Loan Works

Once the NFTs were minted and ownership was verified, the borrower used these digital tokens to secure a loan from a stranger in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. The transaction was conducted on-chain, meaning it was executed on a blockchain, ensuring transparency and security for both parties involved.

The terms of the loan stipulate that if the borrower defaults on the repayment, the lender has the right to use the NFT to redeem the physical T-shirts. This creates a safety net for the lender while providing the borrower with a unique avenue to access funds without liquidating a valuable asset.

NFTs as a Financial Instrument

This transaction is noteworthy for several reasons. First, it highlights the potential of NFTs to serve as a reliable form of collateral in financial transactions. While NFTs have primarily been associated with digital art and collectibles, this event marks a significant step toward their acceptance in more traditional financial settings.

Second, the transaction illustrates the seamless integration of physical and digital assets, enabled by blockchain technology. The use of an escrow service to verify and hold the physical asset while issuing an NFT as proof of ownership adds an extra layer of security and trust to the process.

Lastly, the ability to tap into global liquidity through decentralized platforms opens up new possibilities for asset-backed lending. It allows individuals to leverage unique assets, such as collectible streetwear, to secure loans from a global pool of lenders, bypassing traditional financial institutions.


In summary, the successful execution of a $1.1 million on-chain loan using an NFT-backed Supreme T-shirt collection as collateral is a compelling example of how NFTs are expanding their role in the financial sector. It not only validates the utility of NFTs as a form of collateral but also showcases the innovative ways in which blockchain technology can bridge the gap between physical and digital assets.


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