Over 230,000 Tickets Sold for Numi’s Metaverse Event

Valicit Marketplace has recently drawn attention for its role as a decentralized ticketing platform, accomplishing the remarkable feat of selling over 230,000 tickets for the Numi Stories Club 404 Grand Opening. This surge in sales reinforces the capabilities of blockchain technology and raises essential questions about the future of ticketing. Moreover, it provides an occasion to delve into Numi Club. This platform creates a content-driven economy, allowing users to create, buy, and sell in-game NFT assets.

The Power of Blockchain in Ticketing: Valicit’s Vision

Valicit Marketplace is changing the landscape of the ticketing industry through blockchain technology. By offering blockchain-based API solutions, Valicit ensures that each ticket transaction is authentic and secure. This is especially critical in an age where ticket fraud and scalping are rife. The marketplace operates on the Venom blockchain, which guarantees the validity of every ticket. Consequently, even during periods of high demand, users can buy or resell tickets with confidence.

Numi Club: A New Paradigm in the Content-Driven Economy

Parallel to Valicit’s ticketing venture is Numi Club, a platform that adopts a different, yet complementary, approach to digital assets. This platform centers around a content-driven economy where users can create, buy, and sell in-game NFT assets. Numi Club plans to let people trade virtual real estate in their Metaverse Map. At the heart of it, the technology provides transparency, traceability, and ownership of digital assets, operating on the same Venom blockchain that powers Valicit.

Both Valicit and Numi Club have found a mutualistic relationship. Mohammad Binyamin Chaudhry, the founder and president of Valicit, stated, “Launching on the Venom testnet has been an exhilarating journey at Valicit. The ticket sales we’ve witnessed so far have truly been mind-blowing, reaffirming our belief in the power of blockchain. This is just the beginning of our journey, and we will continue our efforts to shape the future alongside the Venom blockchain.”

Source Numi Club

The Numi Club 404 PvP Arena stands as a testament to their partnership. This limited-time player-vs-player arena event, co-hosted by Numi Stories and Valicit, invites players to showcase their skills, tactics, and strategies as they vie for a top spot on the leaderboard.


The recent sale of 230,000 tickets for the Numi Stories Club 404 Grand Opening is a milestone for both Valicit and Numi Club. It reinforces the efficacy of blockchain technology in solving age-old issues in the ticketing world while simultaneously offering a glimpse into the future potential of content-driven economies. As we look ahead, it is clear that Valicit and Numi Club are setting the groundwork for what could be a new era in digital assets and ticketing.


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