Celebrating Half a Century of Hip-Hop: Walmart and POClab Unveil Cultureverse

Hip-hop, a genre that has shaped countless lives and cultures, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. To mark this milestone, Walmart is collaborating with People of Crypto Lab (POClab) to introduce Cultureverse, an immersive, gamified experience within the Spatial metaverse. Cultureverse aims to pay homage to the pioneers of Hip-Hop while diving into the genre’s evolution and its far-reaching impact on art, music, and fashion.

Empowering Marginalized Communities: POClab’s Mission

People of Crypto Lab, commonly known as POClab, has been working to highlight marginalized communities and bring about change through meaningful digital connections. Cultureverse serves as an extension of this mission. In addition to celebrating cultural heritage, the project emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and innovation.

Simone Berry, the co-founder of POClab, articulated the initiative’s ethos in a statement, saying, “This collaboration with Walmart’s Black & Unlimited aims to inspire a new generation of Black creators and foster an environment of innovation and inclusivity while continuing our mission to drive meaningful digital connections between brands and consumers.”

Source POCLab

The Role of Walmart and Other Collaborators

Walmart, a significant collaborator in this venture, is leveraging its Black & Unlimited platform to empower Black creators, makers, and entrepreneurs. Besides, the annual hip-hop music festival, Rock the Bells, is another partner supporting Cultureverse. Together, they are working on custom programming and unique collaborations that aim to inspire a new generation of Black innovators while making a real-world impact.

Cultureverse, set to launch in September, will offer its participants a range of resources, including technology, training, and consultation. The purpose is to create equitable and sustainable opportunities for those involved.

Looking Ahead: The Future of the Metaverse

Cultureverse represents one of the many ways the metaverse can serve as a platform for immersive and meaningful experiences. As this digital realm continues evolving, it opens the door for effectively addressing cultural and social issues. The potential for the metaverse to facilitate educational and socially impactful experiences like Cultureverse is promising.

More than just a celebration of Hip-Hop; it’s a move towards creating a more inclusive and equitable digital landscape. It brings together Walmart, People of Crypto Lab, and Rock the Bells in a unique collaboration to honour the past and shape the future. While the venture highlights the transformative power of Hip-Hop and Black culture, it also sets a precedent for the metaverse’s future— a platform for meaningful change.


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