Play, Explore, Earn: Welcome to Football at AlphaVerse with Chiliz Labs

Chiliz has recently announced a collaboration with Crypto Blockchain Industries, aiming to integrate the Chiliz Chain within Football at AlphaVerse (FAV) – a 3D virtual world devoted to football. Here’s a closer look into this partnership and its potential for football fans worldwide.

Football at AlphaVerse: The New Digital Playground

Founded and headquartered in France, CBI is developing a virtual world called AlphaVerse. Scheduled for a launch later this year, AlphaVerse promises to be a melting pot of multiple universes and entertainment platforms. Users are anticipated to have immersive 3D experiences within its vast expanse, fostering engagement and interactive content access.

Central to the partnership between Chiliz Labs and CBI is Football at AlphaVerse (FAV). Powered by AI, this platform is envisioned as an interactive 3D entertainment space dedicated exclusively to football. FAV has garnered attention with official football club licenses, paving the way for unique football experiences for fans. Clubs such as Real Betis and São Paulo FC are set to be a part of the FAV ecosystem.

The platform, crafted “By the players — For the players,” pledges to offer users a multifaceted experience within the football-focused virtual world. Users can Explore, diving into dedicated environments, interacting with fellow fans, and unearthing exclusive content. They can Play, engaging in both solo and multiplayer mini-games while reaping in-game rewards.

The Collect aspect allows users to amass NFTs reminiscent of events, stadium seats, and trophies, adding a tangible connection to their virtual experiences. Finally, the Earn component introduces an innovative dimension; through in-game activities and NFT acquisitions, players can secure tangible perks such as tickets, jerseys, or exclusive meet-and-greets, further bridging the gap between the virtual and real worlds.

The $FAV Utility Token

The $FAV utility token, based on the Chiliz Chain, is integral to the FAV realm. The outlined maximum supply for this utility token is capped at 11 billion units. These will be incrementally available to its user base, optimizing distribution dynamics., Chiliz’s flagship fan engagement application, will witness enhanced utility for its Fan Token holders. These holders can delve into the FAV universe, indulging in games, securing exclusive digital merchandise, and winning coveted prizes. Moreover, $FAV Tokens are set to be aligned with specific Fan Tokens, although precise details remain to be disclosed.

Moreover, various web3 sports projects will be revealed in the upcoming months, encompassing various innovative aspects. These will include community platforms driven by rewards and engagement, social gaming environments, AI-powered content platforms, high-quality 3D digital sports collectibles, and NFT-based ticketing solutions.

Frédéric Chesnais, the mind behind CBI and AlphaVerse, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Partnering with Chiliz Labs and integrating Chiliz Chain in the AlphaVerse are logical steps for us given the footprint of Chiliz on the blockchain in general, and in the world of football in particular.”

We spoke to Frédéric Chesnais last year about all things Alphaverse, and you can read and watch the interview here.  

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Chiliz’s Fan Tokens

As Chiliz, the architect behind Fan Tokens and, partners with CBI’s visions, the horizons of virtual football experiences are set to expand. With giants of world sports like FC Barcelona and Manchester City already associated with the and Fan Token ecosystem, the future appears promising for football enthusiasts venturing into the digital realm.

At the helm of Chiliz, Alexandre Dreyfus articulated, “Through Chiliz Chain and Chiliz Labs we have developed the infrastructure and support network that will enable companies focused on creating long-lasting, utility-oriented sports projects to thrive.”


The partnership in creating Football at AlphaVerse (FAV) illustrates the growing trend of integrating Web3 technologies with traditional entertainment sectors. The initiative combines the innovative use of NFTs, virtual environments, and fan engagement, reflecting the broader movement towards a decentralized web.

By facilitating the collection of NFTs that offer virtual and tangible rewards, FAV provides a glimpse into how Web3 is reshaping how fans interact with their favorite sports. This collaboration exemplifies the potential of NFTs not only as collectible items but as unique keys unlocking new experiences within a digital metaverse.


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