Zepeto and Jump Crypto Launch $13M ZTX Venture

South Korea’s leading metaverse platform, Zepeto, has partnered with Jump Crypto. Together, they have secured a $13 million seed investment to propel their joint venture, ZTX. Spearheading this investment, Jump Crypto brought in several influential investors, including Collab+Currency, Parataxis, MZ Web3 Fund, and Everest Ventures Group.

Zepeto and ZTX

With a valuation of over $1 billion, Zepeto is a leader in Asia’s “Web2” metaverse scene. Globally, it’s fourth, tailing only giants like Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. Since its 2018 birth, Zepeto has grown fast, boasting 400 million users. Now, they’re setting their sights on blockchain’s potential.

ZTX is crafting an expansive 3D virtual world where users can engage, exchange digital items, and immerse themselves in social experiences. The platform emphasizes individuality, allowing users to personalize avatars, landscapes, and residences using digital creations from various artists and communities.

The ZTX vision encompasses a Web3 universe that celebrates creators and their communities. This digital domain is open to all, featuring endless, free plots of land. Visitors can claim their space without cost, diving deep into the core gameplay. Users can set up structures on these plots, enhancing their space with unique assets, including the notable District Homes.

Through ZTX, Zepeto aims to bring more people into Web3 by giving users a stake in its 3D worlds. A big move on their agenda is the soon-to-launch Genesis Home Mint.

Genesis Home Mint

Set to debut this month; the Genesis Home Mint will feature a collection of 4,000 distinct 3D houses, which will be available for purchase as NFTs on the Arbitrum scaling network of Ethereum. Ownership of these NFTs entails benefits such as membership in one of ZTX’s four designated districts. Additionally, NFT owners can anticipate exclusive access to forthcoming content drops, events, and gameplay enhancements within the platform.

Source ZTX

Recent Initiatives and Collaborative Efforts

ZTX recently conducted a private beta test to refine and perfect its platform. Furthermore, in collaboration with Dust Labs, ZTX introduced the community-focused Partner Wearables project. ZTX has been vocal about its dedication to crafting a robust infrastructure that caters to creators. This commitment is reflected in the makeup of their team, which includes seasoned professionals from reputed companies like Apple, Roblox, Epic Games, and EA. Their expertise is further enriched by having blockchain specialists with experience on platforms such as Solana, Flow, and Cosmos.

Think of Zepeto, already a big name in the metaverse, diving deeper into the exciting realm of blockchain with ZTX. This venture aims to make the 3D digital world of Web3 easy and fun for everyone. With the upcoming launch of the Genesis Home Mint, users can get unique digital homes as NFTs, making their online experience even more personal. And with a team filled with tech gurus and blockchain experts, ZTX is all about connecting more people to the Web3 world simply and engagingly.


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