LBank Labs and Seoul Metropolitan Government to Host the Seoul Web 3.0 Festival 2023

LBank Labs, a subdivision of an innovative exchange committed to fostering strong and profitable relationships within the crypto space, will hold the Seoul Web 3.0 Festival 2023 (SWF 2023) in conjunction with the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Scheduled to take place in late July, this groundbreaking event will host hundreds of blockchain and Web 3 industry leaders, enthusiasts, and investors. It will be an unparalleled opportunity for Web 3-based companies to connect, exchange information, create synergy, identify new trends, and contribute to the growth of the industry.

According to reports, Seoul’s Mayor, Oh Se-hoon, and the city’s Digital Chief will be in attendance to offer support and recognize the potential of the budding sector. Through a variety of activities such as hackathons, network parties, start-up demos, and NFT exhibitions, SWF 2023 will provide attendees with unrivaled experiences and opportunities for future expansion in their respective sub-sectors.

The Seoul Web 3.0 Festival 2023

The SWF 2023 will provide attendees with a unique privilege to gather as one, connect, share timely information, and drive immense growth. The event will host some of the biggest names in the blockchain space in South Korea and other parts of the world. The slogan for this year’s edition is “Change, Chance, Challenge” and the event will have experts from leading brands as speakers.

The Seoul Web 3.0 Festival 2023 will take place at the multicultural Dongdaemun Design Plaza located at the Park Station in Seoul, South Korea. The prestigious event will take kick-off on Monday, July 31, 2023, and will run through Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023.

In addition to LBank Labs, SWF 2023 has other recognized participants and partners some of which include global and domestic brands such as, HK Central Research, Cronos Labs, Hexland, and Finger Labs.

LBank Labs—Driving Blockchain Innovation

As the VC division of LBank Exchange, LBank Labs is currently one of the leading venture funds in the blockchain and crypto spaces. It offers support via funding, incubation, and networking. And by combining these strategies, it has achieved unprecedented growth in promoting and developing start-ups.

Based in San Francisco, LBank Labs has continued to work on an array of activities and investment projects. Recently, the VC performed the role of joint partner at the Seoul Meta Week held in June 2023. It hosted the Summer Boot Camp for Web 3 builders and students interested in blockchain and concomitant trends at the just concluded event in the capital city. And with SWF 2023 underway, LBank Labs will play a pivotal role in the success of this event and will collaborate with start-ups to promote blockchain and Web 3 innovation on a global scale.


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