Bandai Namco Launches Blockchain-Based AI-Powered Game

Bandai Namco is embarking on a journey into blockchain gaming. In a strategic alliance with Oasys, a blockchain network with a gaming focus, and Attructure, a Japanese startup, Bandai Namco Research has announced the introduction of RYUZO. This game features a virtual pet environment powered by artificial intelligence and populated by a breed of digital creatures known as RYU, which are NFT-based entities.

The game is reminiscent of Tamagotchis, the much-loved virtual pet game from the 1990s. However, RYUZO incorporates a unique twist by leveraging artificial intelligence to offer a more advanced and interactive experience. Once they hatch, each RYU transforms into a ‘soulbound‘ token, ensuring its uniqueness and preventing its transfer or sale.

Source Oasyx

The Launch and Community Engagement

RYUZO officially launched on Wednesday. However, in a clever marketing strategy, 10,000 digital NFT eggs, or MARYU, were airdropped to holders of the first series of Oasys’ NFTs in the “Oasyx” project before the game’s release. This innovative approach created a buzz within the gaming community and encouraged interaction with the forthcoming RYUZO game.

One of the standout features of RYUZO is the AI-driven evolution of RYU creatures. They develop distinct personalities and unlock various abilities based on the players’ interaction. Users can feed and race their pets, witnessing the creatures learn and evolve. This feature facilitates the creation of generations of pets within the application, delivering a dynamic gameplay experience that evolves over time.

The Stature and Legacy of Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco is recognized as one of the premier video game publishers globally. Its impressive portfolio includes critically acclaimed titles like Elden Ring, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, and Tekken. Ultimate. The company’s move into blockchain gaming with the launch of RYUZO underscores its innovative approach and willingness to explore new frontiers in the gaming industry. We have also seen other Asian gaming giants, such as Ubisoft, also venturing into the blockchain and NFT space. This underlines the growing recognition of blockchain’s potential to enhance gaming experiences and create novel opportunities for player engagement.

Bandai Namco’s venture into the Web3 gaming space with RYUZO exemplifies the increasing interest of gaming giants in blockchain technology and NFTs. RYUZO, an AI-powered virtual pet game featuring NFT-based creatures, introduces a unique twist to traditional gaming. This move sets another precedent for the gaming industry, particularly in Asia, which is home to some of the biggest gaming companies in the world.


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