Join the MintWorld Adventure: Genesis City Launches

As Web3 gaming continues to grow worldwide, MintWorld is paving the way for a journey filled with discovery, strategy, and enjoyment. The product of a dedicated team and a shared vision, this Web3-based 2D Monster Catcher RPG has created an entertaining and engaging gaming landscape. Soon, the game will get even more exciting with the upcoming launch of Genesis City. Dive into MintWorld and discover more about Genesis City.

Genesis City and The Game Dynamics: Fun, Inclusive, and Accessible

Genesis City, the first city in MintWorld, is a major part of the game’s universe. Unlocking this city unveils an array of possibilities – new adventures, unique monsters, and a chance to influence the city’s future, where players can truly make their mark on the game’s path.

In MintWorld, participants engage in capturing, battling, and amassing distinct Monster NFTs (termed as MintMons) anchored in blockchain technology while enhancing their levels progressively. 

Some of the MintWorld Monsters

The MintWorld team firmly believes that gaming should be a source of entertainment and a platform to foster connections among players. Keeping this in mind, MintWorld’s design focuses on fun gameplay, encouraging exploration in a dynamic world full of adventure. With no barriers to entry, this ‘play-to-have-fun’ game can be enjoyed freely by players worldwide. You only need a MetaMask wallet connected to the Polygon network to play.

The team’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in MintWorld’s free-to-play design, which allows players to go on their gaming journey without the constraint of financial obligations. It’s an environment that welcomes all – from seasoned gamers to RPG newcomers – to immerse themselves in the universe of MintWorld.

Starter Packs: Kickstarting the Adventure

As an addition to the gameplay, MintWorld is introducing Starter Packs – a feature that gives players an easier dive into the adventure. While the game remains free to play, Starter Packs offer an alternative for players seeking to progress faster.

The Starter Packs, filled with special bonuses and valuable items, will offer an advantage in your MintWorld journey, facilitating a smooth introduction to this enchanting game. One of the major highlights of these packs will be the ability to unlock Genesis City content.

Community Interaction and Awards

The realization of MintWorld can be attributed to a small, dedicated team. Their tireless efforts and shared passion have shaped MintWorld, bringing it to its launch of Genesis City. MintWorld has already received attention within the gaming sector, distinguishing itself as an award-winning blockchain-powered Monster Catcher RPG. The game’s achievements include winning the NFT Category at the Canto Hackathon Chapter 1 Season 6, a strong testament to its recognition.

An engaging Ask Me Anything (AMA) session and Demo play recently provided the team with valuable insights and feedback from the gaming community. Furthermore, a comment from one alpha tester read, “I’ve been battling and earning some MWG to test buy hashes, and I’ve been able to buy 4 so far. All savings and transactions have gone without any issues. So far, it’s going really well. Amazing work by the whole team!”

While MintWorld continues to evolve, the team has also announced an upcoming airdrop that will further enhance the gaming experience. Details remain undisclosed, but the promise of excitement is definitely in the air.

Final Thoughts

MintWorld is born from a love for gaming and blockchain technology. The positive feedback from early game testers shows the power of community involvement in creating the future of gaming. MintWorld is only starting and offers a unique gaming experience filled with fun, strategic gameplay, and shared adventure. Don’t miss out – join the MintWorld journey today and become part of this exciting new phase of Web3 gaming.

You can learn more by joining their Discord, Twitter, and Telegram spaces. 


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