Lacoste’s Summer Splash: A New Virtual Retail Experience with NFTs

Lacoste, the renowned fashion brand, has turned the page towards a new chapter in the retail industry with its latest endeavour. This summer, the brand is making waves in the retail sphere by launching a virtual store that aims to offer its customers a unique shopping experience. The store comprises elements exclusively available to Le Club Lacoste and its UNDW3 (Web3) members. Lacoste’s primary aim with this innovative initiative is to foster a deeper sense of community and shopper loyalty, extending the retail experience beyond the confines of its brick-and-mortar stores.

Upon entering the virtual store, shoppers can virtually stroll from the beach directly into a gigantic crocodile mouth, symbolic of Lacoste’s iconic logo. Inside, they are greeted with Lacoste’s latest summer collection, featuring an array of clothes, shoes, and accessories. A quick elevator ride transports visitors to an outdoor space that showcases additional products, all set within a relaxing pool-deck setting that overlooks the beach.

Source Lacoste Virtual Store

Engaging Features and Unique Collaborations

NFTs are becoming increasingly connected to real-world experiences, and in the case of Lacoste’s venture, these digital assets serve as keys to unlock exclusive shopping areas and collections. Adding an extra layer of engagement to the shopping experience, the virtual store also features a crocodile scavenger hunt. The hunt leads shoppers to an underwater VIP space, a feature available exclusively to Le Club Lacoste and UNDW3 members. This exclusive space is unlocked through an email login or a Lacoste NFT.

Inside the VIP space, shoppers will discover an exclusive co-created UNDW3 collection. This unique collection is the result of a collaboration that took place in March between Lacoste and its UNDW3 Web3 community members. The collection is set to be released this summer. Interestingly, each physical garment in the collection is accompanied by a digital twin and an AR feature, which can be accessed by scanning a QR code. The excitement doesn’t end there. The mini treasure-hunt game continues into the VIP room, where participating community members receive special prizes every week.


The Power of Virtual Retail with Emperia

Lacoste’s summer virtual store was made possible by collaborating with Emperia, a virtual retail technology developer. Emperia’s platform empowers retailers to create and maintain cutting-edge shoppable virtual experiences. Moreover, it leverages data monitoring to optimize in-store virtual user experiences, brand engagement, and conversions.

The unveiling of Lacoste’s summer virtual store follows in the wake of the brand’s holiday virtual experience, which was launched late in 2022. This previous venture was a resounding success, earning Lacoste and Emperia a Webby Award in the Metaverse, Immersive & Virtual Retail & Shopping category in 2023. The summer virtual store continues Lacoste’s commitment to innovative retail experiences, promising an equally rewarding journey for its shoppers.

Final Thoughts

Through this innovative use of NFTs, Lacoste bridges the gap between the physical and digital world, creating a multi-dimensional retail experience. Moreover, with its summer virtual store, Lacoste combines fashion and technology, creating a distinct footprint in the retail industry. The availability of exclusive collections, interactive in-store activities, and an immersive shopping environment are elements aimed at promoting a sense of community among customers. This approach to e-commerce underlines Lacoste’s strategy to enhance customer loyalty and engagement within the retail landscape.


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