Graham’s Wine Launches Vintage Port with NFT Benefits

Symington Family Estates’ distinguished port brand, Graham’s, is taking a digital leap in the world of fine wines. The esteemed company recently announced its first venture into the realm of NFTs, choosing to accompany the release of 50 limited-edition cases of its 1970 Vintage Port and the exclusive Graham’s 2020 Bicentenary Edition Vintage Port with unique digital assets.

The Unique NFT Benefits

The cases, each containing a 1970 and 2020 Vintage Port, commemorate five decades of the Symington family’s dedicated management of the Graham’s brand. However, these cases offer more than just wines – they provide unique benefits to their owners via the included NFTs.

Source Graham’s

The NFT serves as a digital stamp of authenticity for fine wines. It grants the owner access to a set of exclusive advantages. These perks include an allocation for a case of the forthcoming classic Graham’s Vintage Port release. Additionally, owners of these NFTs are entitled to six guided tours and tastings at the Graham’s Lodge, a benefit they can share with the lucky few they choose to taste these rare Vintage Ports with them.

To access their digital token, owners simply tap their smartphone on the anti-counterfeit Near Field Communication (NFC) tags attached to each bottle, made possible through the Club dVIN platform.

Exclusive Sales and Future Plans

Starting from July 24, most of these limited-edition cases—44 to be precise—will be available exclusively at the Graham’s Lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia. An additional unique experience is on offer for buyers of three among these 44 cases: a private day visit for four to Graham’s main estate in the Douro Valley, Quinta dos Malvedos. This exclusive trip features a guided tour of the vineyards and winery, a tutored tasting, and lunch at the estate house, usually off-limits to the public. A case with an NFT offering this exclusive experience is priced at €3,000.

However, the sales plan doesn’t end here. Graham’s has also announced plans to release five cases of the 1970 & 2020 Vintage Port on WineChain, a platform for fine wine NFTs. Additional benefits and pricing details are to be confirmed in the upcoming months. The final case from this exceptional collection is earmarked for donation to the 2023 Golden Vines Online Auction, an event supporting the Gérard Basset Foundation.

Harry Symington, Communications & Vintage Port Senior Manager at Symington Family Estates, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, saying, “We are very excited about launching our first-ever NFT with the release of this special case of Graham’s 1970 & 2020 Vintage Port.” He emphasized the importance of these wines for the family. He also spoke of building relationships with purchasers and providing a digital guarantee of authenticity and provenance. In his view, the longevity of Vintage Port, coupled with NFT technology, creates a unique opportunity for fine wine enthusiasts and the company.

Final Thoughts

Graham’s foray into the world of NFTs signals an interesting shift in the alcoholic beverage industry. As digital assets gain prominence, other brands are also adopting NFTs to ensure the authenticity of their products, enrich the customer experience, and forge stronger connections with consumers. It combines tradition and technology, offering a unique taste of the industry’s future. Indeed, applying NFTs in the fine wine business, as exemplified by Graham’s, might just be the beginning of a new trend in the alcoholic drinks sector.


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