Melania Trump’s NFT Sparks Debate Over NASA Image Usage

Former First Lady Melania Trump has found herself embroiled in a controversy over her latest NFT drop, raising questions about the usage of NASA’s iconic images

The NFT, titled “Man on the Moon,” prominently features the historic 1969 photo of astronaut Buzz Aldrin during the NASA-orchestrated Apollo 11 lunar landing. However, this move has brought her into conflict with NASA’s policy on the use of its images in NFT projects.

NASA’s Image Usage Policy

NASA, the United States’ space agency, has a strict policy regarding the usage of its images, emblems, or identifiers. According to the agency’s guidelines, companies or individuals seeking to use NASA imagery on merchandise, including NFTs, must obtain prior approval from the agency. This policy is in place to ensure that NASA’s images are used responsibly and appropriately, respecting the agency’s intellectual property rights.

It appears that Melania Trump and the USA Memorabilia NFT platform she used may have failed to seek approval from NASA before using the iconic Apollo 11 photo in her NFT. While NASA’s images are part of the public domain and can be used freely by the public, this policy applies specifically to commercial use, such as in NFT projects that seek to profit from NASA’s images.

Legal Implications

The case could raise interesting legal questions if NASA decides to take legal action against Melania Trump and the NFT platform. While the images themselves are in the public domain, the unauthorized commercial use of these images may still violate NASA’s policy. 

Whether this would hold up in a court of law remains uncertain, as the legal landscape surrounding NFTs and intellectual property rights is still evolving.

Historically, NASA has preferred to address these issues through more amicable means, such as informal conversations with merchants. The agency aims to educate and ensure compliance with its guidelines rather than resorting to aggressive legal action.

Melania Trump’s Continued Activity in the NFT Space

This incident marks Melania Trump’s continued involvement in the NFT space. Last month, she made headlines with the launch of a line of NFTs commemorating significant moments in American history. Prior to that, she had ventured into the NFT world with Solana NFT projects in late 2021.

As news of the potential violation surfaced, public reaction has been mixed. Some have criticized Trump and the NFT platform for potentially disregarding NASA’s guidelines, while others have defended the use of public domain images in NFTs. The incident has sparked discussions about the complexities of copyright, intellectual property, and the evolving landscape of NFTs.


The controversy surrounding Melania Trump’s NFT drop serves as a reminder of the need for individuals and platforms to be mindful of image usage policies, especially when it involves the intellectual property of government agencies like NASA. 

As the NFT space continues to grow and evolve, clarifying the legalities and responsibilities of NFT creators and platforms will be essential to maintain a fair and respectful marketplace for all stakeholders involved.


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