Bäumer Vendôme Debuts Stunning Jewelry NFT Series

Bäumer Vendôme, the high jewelry Maison crafted by Lorenz Bäumer 30 years ago, has recently launched a unique NFT collaboration that integrates the finest elements of Web3 and jewelry design. The exclusive limited series collection provides purchasers with a distinctive blend of digital and physical merchandise, bespoke experiences, and access to a private club, with each NFT valued between 116,000 and 320,000 Euros.

Combining Blockchain and High-End Jewelry

Offered through the Crypto.com NFT platform, the exclusive collection is a collaborative effort involving Next Decade, Ledger, and Societhy. The unique NFT package includes an NFT of a ring, specifically the “Rose de Damas” (Damascus rose).

Source Bäumer Vendôme

Purchasers also have the option to redeem the NFT for a physical representation of the ring. The package further provides a novel virtual reality journey that delves into the creation process of the “Rose de Damas” ring and the artistic brilliance of Lorenz Bäumer at the Place Vendôme. It also offers access to a private club orchestrated by Maison Bäumer Vendôme, where buyers can indulge in personalized experiences in Paris.

As a nod to Bäumer Vendôme’s iconic address at 19 Place Vendôme in Paris, only 19 NFTs will be released. These digital tokens are available with eight different gemstones: Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Citrine, and Black Diamond.

Embodying the Genius of Place Vendôme

Bäumer, also known as “The Genius of Place Vendôme,” has an impressive collection of items. This collection includes the “Ecume de Diamants” tiara, swords belonging to French academics, and the famous Battement de Coeur (Heartbeat). The tiara was chosen by Princess Charlène de Monaco for her wedding, and the Heartbeat was designed based on the electrocardiogram of Bäumer’s first child.

Notably, Lorenz Bäumer has contributed to over 100 jewelry collections for high-profile brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Cartier. What’s more, Bäumer remains the sole independent jeweler at Place Vendôme, a renowned and beautiful neoclassical square in the heart of Paris.

Place Vendôme in Paris Credit Leo Serrat

Speaking about this truly unique colelction, Lorenz Bäumer, the mind behind Bäumer Vendôme, expressed his enthusiasm: “After being the first one to use titanium, meteorite, or olfactive material in jewelry, penetrating the NFT universe is a very exciting opportunity to provide a new and modern approach to jewelry.” He further added, “I am thrilled to bring Bäumer together with Ledger, Next Decade, and Societhy, to the Crypto.com NFT platform to offer our customers an extraordinary digital and physical experience. Never has an NFT program gathered so many industry leaders, demonstrating its uniqueness and attractiveness.”

Crypto.com, Ledger, and Other Partners in Collaboration with Bäumer Vendôme

The Crypto.com NFT Platform has been chosen by Bäumer Vendôme as the ideal platform to host their exclusive collection. Crypto.com, having previously announced Paris as its regional European headquarters, is actively enhancing its in-market presence through educational initiatives, engagement, and consumer activations.

Ledger, another collaborator on this unique project, is entrusted with providing the hardware wallets and ensuring a secure onboarding process for new members of the Bäumer club. Established in Paris in 2014, Ledger stands as a worldwide platform for digital assets and Web3. The company has positioned itself as a global leader in critical digital asset security and utilization. Next Decade, responsible for the creation of the NFTs, and Societhy, which brings the grandeur of Bäumer Vendôme to life, facilitate an immersive Virtual Reality experience that encapsulates artistry and innovation.

Final Thoughts

The NFT collection from Bäumer Vendôme signifies an intriguing blend of high-end jewelry and blockchain technology. Leveraging strategic collaborations with Crypto.com, Ledger, Next Decade, and Societhy, Bäumer Vendôme’s pioneering NFT series gives buyers a unique digital asset and a tangible luxury experience. Lorenz Bäumer’s venture into the NFT universe is a testament to the Maison’s commitment to innovation and desire to create distinctive, modern luxury experiences.


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