Sui Network Sees Surge in Transactions with Sui 8192 Game

The Sui Network has experienced a significant surge in daily transactions, largely attributed to the popularity of the tile-sliding puzzle game called Sui 8192. Launched in October 2022, the game has captivated users and recorded each move as a transaction on the Sui Network, signaling a new era for on-chain gaming.

The Unique Gameplay of Sui 8192

Sui 8192, a game reminiscent of the viral sensation 2048, combines addictive gameplay with the innovative use of blockchain technology. 

Each instance of the game mints a new object, similar to the concept of minting an NFT, and every move made by players is recorded as a transaction on the Sui Network, involving gas fee payments. 

Ethos Wallet, the Sui wallet provider, developed this game as a pioneering on-chain experience and an exemplar for future Sui blockchain applications.

 Sui Network Outperforms Solana in Daily Transactions

The Sui Network has recently achieved a remarkable milestone, surpassing 20 million daily transactions, outpacing Solana’s 16 million daily transactions. 

On-chain analytics from Artemis highlight this achievement, counting transaction blocks on the Sui Network for comparison purposes. This surge in activity underscores the growing prominence and potential of the Sui Network within the blockchain ecosystem.

Fostering Engagement and Rewards on Sui

Mysten Labs’ Bullshark Quests initiative has further fueled the momentum on the Sui Network. Bullshark token holders now have the opportunity to compete for rewards through active participation in various Sui games, including the popular Sui 8192. 

By engaging with other players, completing tasks, and participating in activities, users can earn SUI tokens. The Sui Foundation has dedicated 5 million tokens as rewards, incentivizing further engagement within the Sui community.


The remarkable growth of daily transactions on the Sui Network, driven by the captivating Sui 8192 game, showcases the immense potential of blockchain-powered gaming

As more innovative games and initiatives emerge, such as Bullshark Quests, the Sui Network solidifies its position as a rising star in the blockchain ecosystem. 

This surge in activity paves the way for a future where on-chain gaming thrives, providing engaging experiences and opportunities for users to interact with blockchain technology in unprecedented ways.


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