Odissea Records: The New Era of Electronic Music in NFTs


This beautiful piece designed by Denis Gerard called “Fallen Gods” portraits a dystopian scenery in which is told the story of the rise and fall of idols and deities, the tales of fallen heroes and the ones that idolized them who desperately try to rise them back up. The music composed by Vicius, is dark and heavy on the soul but also carries a large deal of emotions in its melodies.


As an animator for a visionary record label, I embarked on a creative journey to fuse art and music. Inspired by Michelangelo’s David, my animation brought his story to life, with three enigmatic women surrounding the disrupted sculptures. Symbolizing the eternal struggle between Michelangelo and Goliath, the fusion of art forms created a powerful sensory experience. Through this captivating blend, viewers were invited to explore their own existence and discover the transformative power of creativity.


When an artist finds his essence, his works tend to take on more varied and detailed meanings in addition to his mind focusing not only of the past, but also the present reality and how his metamorphoses happen. That’s when everything rises to a new level and the story comes together. This is how we define Odyssea, a mutual connection between mind, consciousness and art, an infinite book to be written. 

Our label tends to mix music with detailed NFTs, in a creative mission not only to provide revolutionary sound waves to the world, but also create something for those who can appreciate every detail of unique artworks. No limits, just pure expressiveness.


Our plan is to release singles along with NFTs created exclusively for each of them. Every single will be released on all streaming platforms and its NFT will be put up for sale on the marketplace.

The producer of the single will get a share of the royalties not only from his song, but also the NFT.

Our releases will be featured in the main media outlets of the electronic music and NFT market. 

Our goal is to create something unique and exclusive, assembling a catalog filled with talented artists, creating something unique and beautiful by fusing music with the artists’ creations.


NFT: https://odissea.streamlink.to/colletion

MUSIC: https://fallengods.streamlink.to/jcqM

INFOS: https://linktr.ee/odissea.records 


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