Starbucks’ Odyssey Joins Hands with Aku for NFTs

Starbucks’ Web3 initiative, Odyssey, is making waves once again. This time, it’s partnering with former Major League Baseball player Micah Johnson’s NFT project, Aku, to roll out a unique series of NFT Stamps. This innovative collaboration combines art, technology, and community-building elements, aiming to inspire younger generations to dream bigger.

Members of the Odyssey program are invited to embark on the “Aku Adventure.” This interactive journey, open until August 13, 2023, is integral to the new NFT collection. While the details remain under wraps, the anticipation for the upcoming venture is palpable.

In addition to the new NFT collection, Starbucks has also committed to contributing to a worthy cause. The coffee giant will donate $100,000 to Blessings in a Backpack, a charity dedicated to combating hunger among school-aged children in the U.S. by providing weekend meals.

Starbucks’ Journey into the Web3 Space

The collaboration with Aku is not Starbucks’ first foray into the world of Web3. The company launched its Odyssey program in September 2022 with a clear objective: to offer members unique and engaging coffee experiences.

Last month, Starbucks stirred excitement by distributing NFT Stamps to its Odyssey members. These NFTs were the work of a select group of artists and were distributed via an airdrop, furthering Starbucks’ Web3 engagement.

In April, Starbucks introduced “The First Store,” its second collection of NFTs under the Odyssey initiative. This release followed the successful launch of “The Siren Collection” in March, which saw a complete sell-out in an impressive 20 minutes.

Source TIME Magazine

A Look into the Aku NFT Project

Aku, launched in February 2021, is different from your average NFT project. The collection comprises 3D avatars; holding one gives access to the Akuverse. Here, holders can immerse themselves in culturally significant experiences, products, and collaborations in both digital and physical realms.

The impact of Aku cannot be overstated. Its first chapter of the story sold for a staggering $2 million in February 2021, drawing significant mainstream media attention. Further underlining its position in the cultural zeitgeist, Aku has appeared on the front cover of TIME magazine.

In collaborating with Aku, Starbucks underscores its commitment to pioneering the Web3 space. The Aku Adventure promises to be an exciting chapter in the Odyssey story, and we eagerly anticipate its full reveal.


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